self-evident truth

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1) None of the moral intuitions that Kaspar regards as self-evident truths is self-evident.
That these haven't yet got into general usage is both a source of embarrassment and personal shame, for I have spent more than 20 years in print and on air failing to get our fans to appreciate the self-evident truth that racing is actually more interesting if you have some comparison as to how fast you are going.
It's not a self-evident truth that reduced carbon emissions can be delivered solely through vehicle technology, she said, though this seems to be the prevailing view in the Commission.
It appears, then, that we accept many statements as self-evident truths when there is no such thing as a self-evident truth; every statement is subject to dispute, because every one of us sees things differently.
An axiom in mathematics is a self-evident truth that does not require proof.
A self-evident truth is that C&D landfills are different than those accepting municipal solid waste (MSW) or a combination of other materials.
Opacity equals profundity, we all believe, the denser the better, the more convoluted, jargonistic, clever, and conceited (only in the sense of arrogance, never itself a conceit), the more we hail the work as endlessly quotable, to be elevated to the stature of self-evident truth.
Mr Blair points out the self-evident truth that most of those patients were already ill.
He linked intelligent design to the Declaration of Independence, which mentions a "Creator" and said, "Our inalienable rights are based on the self-evident truth of those endowed inalienable rights.
Such claims pass for self-evident truth among those who are already thus predisposed.