self-evident truth

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If two or more people agree to that definition, the statement must be, by definition, a self-evident truth, but only to those people; it may not be to others.
Such claims pass for self-evident truth among those who are already thus predisposed.
Presented as it was as self-evident truth to a boy of sensitive nature and half-formed intellect, I naturally found this edict perplexing and indeed, a trifle offensive.
In general, it is a self-evident truth that a former president who has become a private citizen is not a terrorist or criminal,'' Yoneda said at a morning session of the House of Representatives Cabinet Committee.
In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson asserted as a self-evident truth that "all men are created equal.
Erasmus cherished them as "jewels," as vehicles of self-evident truth and time-honored wisdom.
More promising, I think, as a rational justification for our moral-emotional reactions, is the idea that our moral intuitions ultimately rest on a solid foundation of self-evident truth.
It is, therefore, a self-evident truth that growth is the key for greater public welfare and greater security.
Additionally, it's a self-evident truth that the reduction in staffing levels would have been far less pronounced if the per-pupil funding gap had not been allowed to rise to a massive pounds 604.
This self-evident truth, expressed so eloquently by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, is the underlying principle behind our country's great experiment in human liberty.
It is a self-evident truth, of course, that suicide bombings and the murder of innocent people are repugnant.