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For anyone who understands the effects of language, culture, and religion on nationhood, the immigrationist proposition that Muslims are interchangeable with Danes or Americans has always been self-evidently absurd.
Hamel whose verse is lyrical, deeply personal, and self-evidently heartfelt.
the Netherlands) interest in trees, especially noticing how easily and self-evidently a glorified past was deployed to vitalize an awareness of modern problems.
He told BBC1's Breakfast With Frost: 'The first thing, self-evidently, is to elect the right person leader.
If one returned to the original Biblical texts the truth self-evidently proclaimed itself.
The United States, for its part, had a strong stake in Britain's ability to keep Hitler at bay, but this was not self-evidently a matter of life or death for the American republic.
It was self-evidently modern, professional, social-historical--and, incidentally, Marxist--but it could be all these things in a fashion that required no elaborate theoretical apparatus.
Thus, many of the contributing authors argue the correctness of their positions on some rather controversial issues by claiming that their conclusions are self-evidently reasonable.
The Times can try to kid itself and the community that this is just the Newspaper Guild, but it is self-evidently not," Iglitzin was quoted as saying in the Times.
Crean, he said, ''has in effect got himself in the same position as the French in that argument in that he's saying in effect that the British and American forces should remain there indefinitely and it is self-evidently not the case that forces of that magnitude can remain indefinitely in that kind of position.
Yet Bush administration policy has been to treat self-evidently nonthreatening airline passengers no differently from young, Middle Eastern, Muslim males, even though only members of the latter group have declared a jihad on the American people.
For Russell Wright, in his affirming review of Uncanny Australia the answer appears to be `yes' -- self-evidently so.