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The reason why, according to intuitionism, is that such propositions are self-evidently true.
And as Needham also points out there is a tendency to use these testimonies to show that the benefits of personalisation are self-evidently true.
Let us also suppose that the speaker and his local supporters hold these falsehoods to be so self-evidently true that they believe anyone who disagrees with them must be part of a plot to deceive the public.
While calling for a national policy to tackle this issue head-on, she also points out that "as a method for stabilizing governments by enhancing their legitimacy, counterinsurgency is self-evidently not suited to destroying and replacing existing political systems.
Toubon, perhaps self-evidently for a French MEP, noted the need for a "balanced" energy mix with single market policy promoting sustainable and competitive energy.
Skills are self-evidently the major difference between success and failure in our own Paint & Coatings industry, so we are keenly aware that it is not simply the machinery and chemistry of our products that allow us to excel, but the skills and enthusiasm of our workforce," says Stephen Falder, who was presented with a Skills Pledge certificate signed by Gordon Brown.
None of us argued that the Royal Navy 'won the Battle of Britain'--a self-evidently ridiculous notion, given that this was an air battle.
Self-evidently not all Muslims are suicide bombers, or support them.
Some features of organisms, they claim, are self-evidently artificial, much like those carved faces.
For anyone who understands the effects of language, culture, and religion on nationhood, the immigrationist proposition that Muslims are interchangeable with Danes or Americans has always been self-evidently absurd.
The postures are stagy and melodramatic, the costumes self-evidently hand-made; everything here is bathed in an atmosphere of charming unreality.
Hamel whose verse is lyrical, deeply personal, and self-evidently heartfelt.