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Monthly self-examinations are the best way to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer
Guinness World Records official adjudicator from their headquarters in UK will be present to give an instant verification of whether the record for the Largest Simultaneous Self-Examination for breast cancer has been set.
It's important for women to be aware of their breasts and to know what is normal so that when they do self-examinations, they can easily identify anything abnormal.
She said: "After repeated awareness lectures I discovered that although most women knew that they should perform breast self-examination they did not do so because they were scared that they would discover a lump.
They were identified by Think Pink Bahrain and Pakistan Women's Association (PWA) as they were thought to be lacking in breast cancer awareness and knowledge about the importance of self-examination.
The aim of Nicola's study, which is part of a three-year PhD, is to focus on women's knowledge, beliefs and behaviour regarding self-examination.
The researchers suggest that dermatologists discuss the quality of patients' relationship with a spouse or partner to see if the partner is able to offer adequate help with skin self-examinations.
CHECK IT OUT: Wales' rugby captain Ryan Jones is urging men to carry out self-examinations to fight testicular cancer
SELF-EXAMINATION does little to reduce breast cancer deaths, scientists have claimed.
REGULAR self-examination for breast lumps does little to reduce the number of women who die from breast cancer, startling research reveals today.
of Missouri- Columbia) presents librarians with an opportunity for a critical reflection and self-examination of what their profession is and what it can become in the future.