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Thomas delivers some of the most emotional, self-examining speeches in public life.
He'll always be mediocre, it seems to me, but he could be more self-examining and thereby more loveable and more fanciable.
You're not a better person unless maybe you're Socrates or someone who's a self-examining individual.
Premiered in 1970, this self-examining tale of identity and rediscovery is very much a child of its period (and uses elements of popular music-culture of the time), but also reminds us of great antecedents, not least The Tempest and Cosi fan Tutte (7.
For the "scenario," however, the impulse toward self-examination is embodied by a live black man, Malcolm, who embarks on self-examining journeys with those characters he meets in prison, on the streets, in Mecca, in Chicago, in Lansing.
Unfortunately, every time a consensus develops someone bolts with their own ideas and then everyone begins the endless self-examining that ends up splitting us into ever more fractious factions.
Although discussions in white feminist, anthropological, and literary academic spheres have become more self-reflective and self-examining over the past two decades, that development can produce more sophisticated and insidious versions of the same old offences" (p.
The self-examining radical feminists display their embodiment in the act of visualizing their marked bodies, interpret and constitute their bodies through self-observation, and affirm themselves and all women as a sex class through this collective act.