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Ackerley's "examining and self-examining book" shifts back and forth between parent and child, "ploughing to and fro over my father's life and my own." Ackerley investigates a "lost and unknown father," a man he didn't really know and who hardly knew him.
His follow-up, The Long Day Closes, in 1992, followed the same self-examining route, which he had originally explored in a novel - Hallelujah Now-almost ten years before.
Thomas delivers some of the most emotional, self-examining speeches in public life.
He'll always be mediocre, it seems to me, but he could be more self-examining and thereby more loveable and more fanciable.
You're not a better person unless maybe you're Socrates or someone who's a self-examining individual.
Premiered in 1970, this self-examining tale of identity and rediscovery is very much a child of its period (and uses elements of popular music-culture of the time), but also reminds us of great antecedents, not least The Tempest and Cosi fan Tutte (7.30pm, running time approximately two hours, with details on 0121 236 4455).
For the "scenario," however, the impulse toward self-examination is embodied by a live black man, Malcolm, who embarks on self-examining journeys with those characters he meets in prison, on the streets, in Mecca, in Chicago, in Lansing.