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EXILE, civil law. The: interdiction of all places except one in which the party is forced to make his residence.
     2. This punishment did not deprive the sufferer of his right of citizenship or of his property, unless the exile were perpetual, in which case confiscation not unfrequently was a part of the sentence. Exile was temporary or perpetual. Dig. 48, 22, 4; Code, 10, 59, 2. Exile differs from deportation, (q.v.) and relegation. (q.v.) Vide, 2 Lev. 191; Co. Litt. 133, a.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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According to Ward, being a powerful wizard convinced Luke Skywalker to go into self-exile. The Jedi Master is reportedly more powerful than The Force.
Now Jon McLure & Co return from self-exile with a third studio set.
From her love of women and a few men to her long self-exile in Europe, this uses her journals, love letters, and intimate friends to create an outstanding survey of her life and times.
Whatever the reason for my expulsion or self-exile, I take comfort in becoming part of the unrest, more of what I am.
State of Exile was written during her journey to Spain and the first years of her self-exile; due to its intensely personal nature, it remained unpublished for almost thirty years.
NEW YORK CITY: In Repertorio Espanol's stage adaptation of Marie Vargas Llosa's The Feast of the Goat, a stroke-enfeebled man named Cabral, a former cabinet minister in the Dominican Republic, sits helpless in a wheelchair as his daughter Urania (Anilu Pardo, left) confronts him after a self-exile of three decades.
Go Into Self-Exile: The US has floated the idea that Saddam could go into self-exile as one way of avoiding a military assault.
Jews of the Amazon: Self-Exile in Earthly Paradise, by Ariel Segal.
More insidious is the devil's ability to confuse the mystic with the notion that his words are really her words -- that his thinking is really her thinking -- which leads to self-exile, doubt, and fragmentation.
Milosz, who left Poland in self-exile to France in 1957, took a job teaching at the University of California at Berkeley in 1960.
Scions of Baloch sardars, Hyrbyair Marri and Brahamdagh Bugti, in particular, go into self-exile in London, New Delhi or somewhere in Europe, because of some personal reasons or tribal disputes on leadership.
Responding to Shehbaz Sharif's statement, Dr Firdous said that the PML-N leader should tell truth about his return from self-exile instead of calling Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan a liar.