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EXILE, civil law. The: interdiction of all places except one in which the party is forced to make his residence.
     2. This punishment did not deprive the sufferer of his right of citizenship or of his property, unless the exile were perpetual, in which case confiscation not unfrequently was a part of the sentence. Exile was temporary or perpetual. Dig. 48, 22, 4; Code, 10, 59, 2. Exile differs from deportation, (q.v.) and relegation. (q.v.) Vide, 2 Lev. 191; Co. Litt. 133, a.

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He won it back two years later and then went into self-exile, returning to the USA in the early 1960s.
From Saddam's viewpoint, going into self-exile would be the act of a coward.
Ariel Segal's Jews of the Amazon: Self-Exile in Earthly Paradise tells the story of a small group in Iquitos (Amazonian Peru) who define themselves as Jews (some have migrated to Israel).
More insidious is the devil's ability to confuse the mystic with the notion that his words are really her words -- that his thinking is really her thinking -- which leads to self-exile, doubt, and fragmentation.
On 3 November the Emir also pardoned 20 opposition activists living in self-exile who had petitioned the Emiri court for return and pledged `straight behaviour'.
Milosz, who left Poland in self-exile to France in 1957, took a job teaching at the University of California at Berkeley in 1960.
Harrington died last November at age 84 in Berlin, Germany, where he had lived in self-exile for 34 years, his death hardly stiffed a ripple in his native United States.
After arriving in Quetta after 18-year self-exile in Dubai, Marri was detained by the law-enforcement agencies for various cases and was released on bail, later.
Faraz remianed in self-exile for six years and wrote Muhasira, a satirical piece on the dictator's rule.
He said Fawad served as adviser to former dictator Pervez Musharraf, who was now in self-exile and his property had also been confiscated.
Some of these judges are living in self-exile outside Egypt, joining an anti-government alliance.