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Briefly put, according to Sartre, if the creative principle is a generating but not sustaining cause, then creatures have to be very quickly self-existent, that is, uncreated.
And there is a tension to be resolved; for if at some time x is not self-existent, its self-existence at a later time will depend on something else to which it will have to owe its self-existence.
In this loved scene being and essence shine; It is and is itself, like Dante's wheel, While whole and part, each subatomic spark, Dependent for existence, undivine, Disclose the self-existent, first and real.
As the orderer of the whole, the self-existent being is also independent; pantheism is avoided.
As Clarke puts it, to be a self-existent being is ".
For example, chapter 1, "The Advaitic Conception of God," comments, from an Advaita perspective, on these points: God as "unique being," "infinite and self-existent," "creator," "personal," "loving," and "holy.
In order to do this, and answer atheists, such as Spinoza - who has "endeavored to reduce Atheism into a system" - it is necessary, Collins asserts, to "prove the Creation of Matter ex nihilo; or which is all one, that matter is not a self-existent Being.
Was this putatively self-existent deity the cause of the Big Bang?
And chapter 6 argues, in particular, that Syncellus knew his sources not in their complete self-existent form but only indirectly, through epitomes which collected a set of variant opinions on a topic.
if a phenomenal thing is real, a svabhava (self-being or self-existent thing), then we cannot understand the world of causality and change in terms of arising and ceasing- which we are constantly experiencing.
By "theism" the authors understand the "belief in a single, self-existent, eternal, immutable, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, immaterial creator and sustainer of the universe" (p.
95--Clouser claims that every theory is based on a religious presupposition, that is, on an idea of what is self-existent (divine).