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Briefly put, according to Sartre, if the creative principle is a generating but not sustaining cause, then creatures have to be very quickly self-existent, that is, uncreated.
And there is a tension to be resolved; for if at some time x is not self-existent, its self-existence at a later time will depend on something else to which it will have to owe its self-existence.
In this loved scene being and essence shine; It is and is itself, like Dante's wheel, While whole and part, each subatomic spark, Dependent for existence, undivine, Disclose the self-existent, first and real.
The love of the existent creature is drawn to the self-existent God; that natural movement of the will leads to the fulfillment of the reason.
The self-existent mobile newspaper will offer convenient & instant information services to mobile users.
if a phenomenal thing is real, a svabhava (self-being or self-existent thing), then we cannot understand the world of causality and change in terms of arising and ceasing- which we are constantly experiencing.
By "theism" the authors understand the "belief in a single, self-existent, eternal, immutable, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, immaterial creator and sustainer of the universe" (p.
95--Clouser claims that every theory is based on a religious presupposition, that is, on an idea of what is self-existent (divine).
In other words, religious belief is one's assumption about what is independent and self-existent, and on which all else depends.