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the Automatic Milk Frother has hot, warm and cold settings with self-explanatory pictograms.
They are then required to fill a self-explanatory visa application form and submit it.
names which are self-explanatory and performance-related, to make it simple for dispensers and patients alike.
Senator Raza Rabbani said that the resolution was self-explanatory and the members did not want any discussion on it.
We assumed the name was self-explanatory, but the Queen of pop says it was chosen by her fans.
The Meatline allows for easy and fast operation through a touch screen display which has a self-explanatory menu structure.
The title page is worthy of framing, and the photographs are clear and self-explanatory. Garry covered the subject in an informative, as well as interesting fashion.
Kirstie's Homemade Home has showed how by getting crafty, we can avoid having cloned living rooms, while the fairly self-explanatory Kirstie and Phil's Perfect Christmas gave us tips on how to enjoy the festive season in style.
Fossil has some great life-saving applications here including Dictionary, Currency converter, Flashlight as well as Plumb Bob, Level and a handful of other self-explanatory utility gizmos such as Metronome, Pitch Pipe, Pet Age and Loan Calculator.
"Dear sir, it is to intimate that Nisar Ahmad Chattha, SST Government Elementary School, Alipur Chattha; Basit Ali, SST Government High School, Varpal Chattha, tehsil Wazirabad, Gujranwala district; Tahir Naveed, SST Workers' Welfare School, People's Colony, Gujranwala; Iqbal Cheema, a lecturer at the Islamia College Gujranwala; and Muhammad Jehangir, a lecturer at the Government Degree College, Alipur Chattha were appointed as presiding officers at polling stations no 176, 175, 67, 55 and 202 respectively." "All the aforementioned officers, while submitting their results to the undersigned, also submitted written statements, which are self-explanatory. The same are being sent for legal action as per the version narrated by the presiding officers.
There are five trim levels and two different chassis settings - Sporting and Comfort, which are self-explanatory, really.
She said: "Sometimes it is hard to know what to give to charity when people ask for things, but a scarf and a tie are pretty self-explanatory and everyone has got one."