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Surely the word "school" in itself is self-explanatory.
She said: "Sometimes it is hard to know what to give to charity when people ask for things, but a scarf and a tie are pretty self-explanatory and everyone has got one.
Submissions should be formatted at 400 dpi and should include sufficient textual information to make them self-explanatory to viewers.
CHEPSTOW has three days' racing this week, starting with tomorrow's Bank Holiday family day, with an array of free activities for children, and ending with Saturday evening's Bath Ales Beer Festival - self-explanatory, say the organisers
The words "edible landscaping" are fairly self-explanatory and might bring to mind annual gardens, apple orchards, or family farms.
As a simple, yet self-explanatory reminder to those mindless, hash-for-brains, hand-wringing, finger-pointing, indenial, "Why can't we all just get along" whiners--and most especially to all those unforgivable, selfish mouth-breathing sheeple who insist on calling our troops "baby killers" and worse--I give you this photo.
The string silencers are made from the same material and their purpose is self-explanatory.
My favorite is the self-explanatory A Man Crucifying Himself.
3) As self-explanatory as this language seems, disputes often arise over the meaning of certain terms used in the FMLA.
Heart and breathing rate are fairly self-explanatory, but it is useful to define the others in more detail: power is the sense of muscle strength you are applying to a run, tempo is the rate at which your arms and legs are moving, and intensity is your relative sense of comfort or discomfort.
Though it may seem self-explanatory, Pratt also advises to make sure the attachments are used properly.
YOU have to admire ITV for coming up with self-explanatory programme titles that do what they say.