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Removing batteries from cellphones to prevent being tracked, using email encryption, or creating codenames for demonstrations strikes me as self-flattery.
President Lee Myung-bak's arrogance and self-flattery are reversing the development of democracy in Korea," the party said.
Or one could criticize certain inclusions: the conclusion comes close to Baptist self-flattery with terms such as "wonderful history" of Baptists who "continued to hold fervently [sic] that Jesus is Lord" (219).
Perhaps Borso compensated for his lack of a wife and heirs by promoting excessive self-flattery in orations and art.
Clearly, Louis, awesomely courageous in his rejection of self-flattery and the comforting cliches which satisfy too many of his contemporaries, is now seen clearly to be a lyric poet of great grace, which is all the more extraordinary for seeming so matter-of-fact.