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Or one could criticize certain inclusions: the conclusion comes close to Baptist self-flattery with terms such as "wonderful history" of Baptists who "continued to hold fervently [sic] that Jesus is Lord" (219).
He uses, as examples to bolster his points about the influences upon us, everything from the power of popular music to Mister Rogers, from "Goodnight Moon" to stress, from Bill Clinton's lies and George Bush's performances and self-flattery and being possessed to a beautiful little rift on keys and the singularity of objects.
Perhaps Borso compensated for his lack of a wife and heirs by promoting excessive self-flattery in orations and art.
Clearly, Louis, awesomely courageous in his rejection of self-flattery and the comforting cliches which satisfy too many of his contemporaries, is now seen clearly to be a lyric poet of great grace, which is all the more extraordinary for seeming so matter-of-fact.
Instead of disparaging her preferences as self-flattery or vanity, he saw something of a cultural meaning in them.
I don't have too many shockers, I hope, but I know when I've had a good day," is as much as you get in the way of self-flattery.