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Two millennia after his death, there is still debate about whether he should be seen as a hero of civilisation who spread the wonders of the classical age across Europe or as a self-glorifying despot who wrecked the Roman republic.
Islam" as a self-glorifying and self-justifying marker is up for grabs.
Nothing screams "tosser" more than a self-glorifying non-entity who talks about himself in the third person.
At a New York City election fundraiser, the president, in self-glorifying statement, boasted: "I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration.
Though a memoir, written by a young man with exceptional achievements, this book is far from self-glorifying.
L andeacute;vy presents himself in self-glorifying terms as being "someone who takes pride in having helped to conceive, with others, this kind of symbolic action andrlm;(the boat for Vietnam; the march for the survival of Cambodia in 1979).
Forgetting the role of hard-drinking Charlie Wilson and the Saudis, they wrote a self-glorifying narrative in which it was claimed that not only had the power of faith defeated the Soviets.
The proposal to illuminate St George's Square is yet another crackpot idea of unelected officials who believe that public money is there solely for their own self-glorifying pet schemes.
THE Labour Party under Sir Albert Bore was ousted from power in Birmingham because of their spending of millions of pounds on self-glorifying edifices.
But, please, let's not go so far as to make self-glorifying, deluded naifs like Gilbert our heroes.
Playing from a lifetime's experience, Brendel intruded no self-glorifying display of technique, but allowed Mozart to speak for himself, and, with such a sympathetic accompanist as Mackerras with his scaled-down, almost fragile orchestra, the result was heart-stopping.
THERE is so much junk mail around, and councils, who should know better and who preach recycling on the one hand, produce self-glorifying high-quality free newsletters telling us how wonderful they are.