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I do not believe that the Negro should cease voting, for a man cannot learn the exercise of self-government by ceasing to vote, any more than a boy can learn to swim by keeping out of the water, but I do believe that in his voting he should more and more be influenced by those of intelligence and character who are his next-door neighbours.
She had all the heroism of principle, and was determined to do her duty; but having also many of the feelings of youth and nature, let her not be much wondered at, if, after making all these good resolutions on the side of self-government, she seized the scrap of paper on which Edmund had begun writing to her, as a treasure beyond all her hopes, and reading with the tenderest emotion these words, "My very dear Fanny, you must do me the favour to accept" locked it up with the chain, as the dearest part of the gift.
The Secretariat of the Security Council of Kyrgyzstan, as part of the implementation of anti-corruption measures and in pursuance of the Decree of Kyrgyz President Sooronbay Jeenbekov "On Declaring 2019 the Year of Regional Development and Digitalization of the Country", has begun to study corruption risks in local self-government bodies, the press service of the Kyrgyz President reported.
The State Agency for Local Self-Government and Inter-Ethnic Relations and National Statistics Committee signed a memorandum on joining efforts in introduction of Aimak automated information data system for management of the business book in the electronic version of the local self-government.
The Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration hosted a seminar for specialists of local self-government bodies.
Recognitions for successful cooperation on the Municipal Environmental and Economic Management Project (MEG) were awarded to 18 partner units of local self-government (municipalities and cities) in BiH, and the most successful units of local self-government were municipalities: TeA!anj, Sanski Most and A1/2epce.
"According to the general code of the French self-government bodies, as well as the letter dated July 2, 2015 of the Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry sent to the plenipotentiary representatives of the government, all international relations of local self-government bodies must comply with international obligations undertaken by France, and local self-government bodies are not authorized to sign any agreement with one or another structure not recognized by the French government," he said.
The money will be earmarked from the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 2018 and will be in favor of the Bulgarian Republican Self-Government in Budapest, which, together with the Bulgarian Society in Hungary, support the historical and cultural ties between Bulgaria and Hungary.
The accord would have recognized the inherent right to self-government for First Nations.
Constitutional Principles of Local Self-Government in Europe
Next week, Whitecap Dakota First Nation chief and council will be meeting with youth to talk about self-government.
The Commission formed by BDI submitted a demand for extraordinary inspection to the Council of Inspectorates, to the State Inspectorate for urban planning and construction, to the Inspectorate of the Ministry for Local Self-Government and to the Administrative State Secretariat.