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The eyes of the old chief now brightened; and all his self-importance returned.
The girl's face was all in a flush as she made me that answer; and she walked away with a toss of her head and a look of self-importance which I was quite at a loss to account for.
This figure unlocked and held open the grating as for the passage of another, who presently appeared, in the form of a young man of small stature and uncommon self-importance, dressed in an obsolete and very gaudy fashion.
Pickwick) would not deny that he was influenced by human passions and human feelings (cheers)-- possibly by human weaknesses (loud cries of "No"); but this he would say, that if ever the fire of self-importance broke out in his bosom, the desire to benefit the human race in preference effectually quenched it.
He was a man with some amount of self-importance and a certain air of command.
In manner he was slow and, as it were, nonchalant, and at the same time studiously free and easy; he made efforts to conceal his self-importance, but it was apparent at every instant.
When presented with something totally unbelievable, over the top and full of its own self-importance, I can find it incredibly funny - but there were no consolation laughs here.
The self-styled revolutionary-inhis-own-lunchtime surpassed even his own exceptionally high bar of self-importance last week when he addressed protesters at an antiausterity march.
SIR - Those who are full of their own self-importance often get their comeuppance in the end.
The Assembly members of all parties seem to exist in an impenetrable bubble of their own creation, surrounded by layers of self-importance and spouting a type of jargon which renders most of their debates incomprehensible to the outside world.
Nothing, other than a misguided sense of self-importance, compelled Ed Miliband to seek leadership of the Labour Party and, through that, Prime Ministership.
He has also identified that most of us are turned off by the self-importance, the bickering, the out-of-touch ignorance of most of his colleagues.