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The eyes of the old chief now brightened; and all his self-importance returned.
The spectator feels it to be fool's play, when he can distinguish the tedious commonplace of each man's visage, with the perspiration and weary self-importance on it, and the very cut of his pantaloons, and the stiffness or laxity of his shirt-collar, and the dust on the back of his black coat.
There was a touch of the magistrate in the man, a good deal more of the Councillor of the Prefecture, all the self-importance of the mayor of the arrondissement, the local autocrat, and the soured temper of the unsuccessful candidate who has never been returned since the year 1816.
And each of them had an individuality of his own, a will of his own, a hope and a heart's desire; each was full of self- confidence, of self-importance, and a sense of dignity.
In manner he was slow and, as it were, nonchalant, and at the same time studiously free and easy; he made efforts to conceal his self-importance, but it was apparent at every instant.
With these words, Mr Lillyvick, whose manner had exhibited through the whole of this interview a most extraordinary compound of precipitation, hesitation, confidence and doubt, fondness, misgiving, meanness, and self-importance, turned his back upon the room, and left Nicholas to enjoy a laugh by himself if he felt so disposed.
I have often wondered: Is it a bloated sense of self-importance that makes many of us to believe it is beneath them to stop behind other cars on their lane and allow the traffic to flow slowly, in order, but surely without any blockage?
Weighed down by sincerity and self-importance, there's an absence of camp energy which would make this nonsense fun to swallow.
Jones & Co are so full of their own self-importance that they resemble sparrows whose feathers are puffed up in the winter snow.
The election of Ed Miliband and not David sowed the seeds for which this country is now paying - an ineffective Parliamentary opposition that is full of its own self-importance.
When presented with something totally unbelievable, over the top and full of its own self-importance, I can find it incredibly funny - but there were no consolation laughs here.
The Assembly members of all parties seem to exist in an impenetrable bubble of their own creation, surrounded by layers of self-importance and spouting a type of jargon which renders most of their debates incomprehensible to the outside world.