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Without taking into consideration all the effects of all the incomers/ immigrants, all the discussions, analyses, and self-important commentaries are really meaningless.
WORST BIT: Dull, self-important dialogue and unexciting action.
News anchormen and women were very impressed, though only because televised debates make TV employees feel even more self-important than usual.
3 : very formal and self-important <He's a stuffy old teacher.
it can only be Miami's most self-important cop, Horatio Caine.
IAN Parri quotes the Rough Guide's description of the English as "insular, self-important and irritating.
If you've just had a promotion and want to feel a bit self-important, visit www.
I've witnessed egomaniacal, tantrum-throwing, self-important critics in action over the years, and it's not a pretty sight, although it can be funny.
It's better when self-important blowhards win, thank L.
as he was years ago: a lazy, self-important young man who sincerely believed he was God's gift to Planet Earth.
The self-important chattering class of Washington insists that you only have credibility as a critic of the war if you were for it in the first place.