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Their self-important inability to make a decision has frayed our nerves for months.
However the spectacle on the main street side is more gently prosaic, as the self-important, space-age interloper nuzzles up to workaday terraced houses.
Written as a novel in verse, the tale gets inside the heads of the star jock, the bullied outcast, the mixed-race girl who doesn't fit in, and the principal's self-important snitch However, Adoff shuns standard stereotypes by creating multi-dimensional adolescents whose public personas mask their insecurities, anxieties, and longing for acceptance.
Her sarcastic, self-important attitude mocks us and our art, as well as her own background.
I hesitate to use this world because I don't want to sound self-important at all, because I don't think what we're doing is going to change the world or be remembered in five years, but I can certainly say that this could be something like a sonic vanguard of deconstruction with the intent to reconstruct.
What Rosenblatt calls "prancing around in an air of vain stupidity" was never the sole province of the celebrity culture it applied equally to self-important essayists, solemn anchormen, and an uninterrupted string of state departments whose rambunctious and provocative foreign policies betrayed the non-interventionist sensibilities of the populace and left us open to the wrath of omnicidal fanatics.
Anyway, self-important cullud folks who determinedly wrap themselves in whatever elite credentials they have acquired or were born with almost never have a sly sense of humor like hers.
Joe Queenan is a regular columnist for CE and author of Balsamic Dreams: A Short but Self-Important History of the Baby Boomer Generation (Henry Holt & Co.
Like so many deliriously vain, self-important people, she will end up rich, snobbish, and forever moaning she's misunderstood.
Imagine the expletives I uttered when Seldon (he's not getting a "Sir" from me: anyone who uses their ludicrous title is a self-important twit) recommended all state schools should have boarding facilities because, he reckons: "It would help civilise those schools and ground them.
Too many self-important characters receive inated salaries from licence payers.
Our famously thrifty Maj taking advice on finances from those self-important spendthrifts in Whitehall?