self-imposed task

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No unworthy impatience to be famous, no sense of the uncertainty of life, no weariness or terror at the length or breadth of his self-imposed task, could induce him at any moment of weakness to give way to haste or discouragement in the persistent regular collection and digestion of his material or in the harmonious execution of every part of his design.
Though he was faithful to his self-imposed task, and even found that he had grown to like Go-bu-balu, he could not deceive himself into believing that he felt for it that fierce heat of passionate affection which Teeka revealed for Gazan, and which the black mother had shown for Go-bu-balu.
For some little time past the surgeon had discontinued his steady investigation of Geoffrey's face, and had given all his attention to the discussion, with the air of a man whose self-imposed task had come to an end.
John Mason's writing will capture the imagination of novice and expert anglers alike, as he vividly describes how he succeeded in fulfilling his self-imposed task of catching more than 40 different species of fish in Cardigan Bay within 12 months.
Stevenson's self-imposed task is to take himself on a world tour of experts across the range of technologies and ask them the very simple question: "What's next?
A reflection of the era's intellectual curiosity as much as its taste for the exotic, chinoiserie, wrote Brookner, came to the fore as 'the timeless curiosity of the philosophes was bent on its endless self-imposed task of amassing as much information as possible about the material world.
Francis is faced with choices, some more violent than others, as to how he will accomplish this self-imposed task.
That has been Anthony Shone's self-imposed task for some years, particularly since the announcement of the return of the Open to Hoylake in 2006.
Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda's self-imposed task during the extraordinary Diet session is to pass a bill to extend a new Antiterrorism Law, which would allow for the continuation of the Maritime Self-Defense Force's refueling duties in the Indian Ocean.
The idea of its translation was met with enthusiasm and encouragement at a Women's Theological Seminar and working in their spare time, without a fee, the women finished this self-imposed task in 2006.
We shall fail in our self-imposed task unless we can train the character of the African; we shall not only fail in creating leaders, but we shall succeed in doing something that is far worse--making a European of him, and a bad European at that.
Yet I had barely begun my self-imposed task when I realized that although I had spent many happy hours digging over the years, I had never given the activity itself much thought.