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Anniken Greve, Professor of Literature and Philosophy at the University of Oslo, on the other hand, approaches the problem of academic self-knowledge from the viewpoint of certain internal discussions within her own field, literary theory, and works out their broader relevance for literature and even reading as a whole.
Thus, self-knowledge emerges in concerted awareness of dynamic potentialities in the myriad I-Thou-It triads of practical living.
The self-knowledge expressed in "I believe that P" is not only less prone to error but also more immediate than knowledge about the beliefs of other people.
She argues that the motivation to see ourselves in a desirable way is one of the main obstacles to self-knowledge.
20 unemployed young people to enter the labor market through self-knowledge, individual
Skepticism about self-knowledge is not engendered by Putnam's reflections about meaning.
Haslam writes: "The very foundations of great singing are not learned in the studio; we teach them to ourselves through greater self-knowledge.
To be sure, Gioia is privy to the fact that according to Augustine mind and self-knowledge are intimately related: 'Mind and self-knowledge coincide to the point that the suppression of either of the two entails the disappearance of the other, since the very substance of the mind is self-knowledge' (207).
ALTHOUGH Chad Walsh speaks of the central theme being the quest for self-knowledge, it is more accurate to speak of Orual's gaining of self-knowledge as the central theme of the book (Schakel 52).
The Mirror of the Self aims to supply an in-depth examination of the theoretical convergence or intersection of "vision, sexuality, and self-knowledge in the ancient world" (p.
Each time they come to a new level of self-knowledge and
OBJECTIVE To test students' self-knowledge about tobacco addiction and secondhand smoke before and after reading the article