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A Law of One's Own: Self-Legislation and Radical Kantian Constructivism, TOM O'SHEA
I will argue that the way Kant conceives of our "higher" vocation, namely in terms of a vocation to moral self-legislation, allows for a religious experience of ourselves and in ourselves.
Without this latter component of equality one can never hope to self-govern definitively, because one's self-legislation is ultimately held at the discretion of other groups of people and their corresponding democratic institutions.
However, as Heal argues, notions like narrative identity or self-legislation should carry their own normative weight.
The rapporteur stressed that this right should be written in stone, since self-legislation via recommendations made to member states has shown its limits - something which Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier had said the previous day (see Europolitics 4388).
True self-determination is only possible in the form of self-legislation or autonomy.
Fourth, these communities model a particular form of self-legislation, teaching us to discipline our consciousness by making it adhere to certain criteria for internal dialogue.
In his speech, President Parvanov stressed on the need to actually build a coutry based on the principles of freedom and dignity, social justice and self-legislation.
By contrast, if faith is a personal relationship with God rather than a mere ideal toward which to strive, the reduction of all laws to self-legislation to the exclusion of God-given laws might be unnecessary.
When democracy is properly conceived as self-legislation by those affected by legal regulation, legitimacy can only be derived from self-imposed obligations (p.
While the Government tries to attack the problems of alcohol, it's not legal legislation but self-legislation that is the key to solving the problem.
That Kant's postulate of free self-legislation is part of this brief genealogy is plausible only insofar as he uses the term "autonomy.