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Challenge students to make a self-portrait that shows them engaged in a favorite activity.
Hong Wei's investigation of the self-portrait in ceramic material as a manifestation of contemporary art and life is a bridge between East and West as well as a bridge between tradition and the urgency of the present moment.
The self-portraits go on sale at Sotheby's London Contemporary Art Evening Sale on July 1.
3), and Thomas Patch's etched Self-Portrait as an Ox (1768-69).
The self-portrait is a unique work of art, an intimate record of a sitter's personality.
Winslet asked more than two dozen celebrities to take a self-portrait photo wearing one special hat that was passed along.
The merits of this are clear in the Ruth Borchard Collection of 20th-Century self-portraits which goes on show today at the Durham Art Gallery, Aykley Heads.
The Babyshambles star originally owned the lipstick self-portrait and sold it to the anonymous seller placing it in yesterday's auction.
A painting by Lucian Freud and a self-portrait by Francis Bacon are expected to fetch more than pounds 25 million at auction next month.
This necessity to explore and express metaphysical experiences is at the heart of Romanticism and Francisco Goya's painting Self-Portrait with Dr.
An artist from Cardiff is to receive a pounds 5,000 prize for winning a national self-portrait competition.
A chimp-faced figure created as a self-portrait by guerilla artist Banksy is expected to fetch pounds 40,000 at auction this month.