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Ferrari mastered her own throbbing heart; stepped over the threshold, conscious of her clammy hands, dry lips, and burning head; and stood in the presence of Lord Montbarry's widow, to all outward appearance as supremely self-possessed as her ladyship herself.
Her figure was stout and sturdy, and her manner aggressively self-possessed.
She was as graceful as she was beautiful, perfectly self-possessed, and had the air, I thought, of being able to attract and interest any one if she had thought it worth her while.
So, as she slightly laughed and afterwards sat looking at the rain, she was as self-possessed and as free to occupy herself with her own thoughts as if she had been alone.
After considerable experience in coming into contact with wealthy and noted men, I have observed that those who have accomplished the greatest results are those who "keep under the body"; are those who never grow excited or lose self-control, but are always calm, self-possessed, patient, and polite.
He said such strong, self-possessed female characters like Mildred are something for Hollywood to celebrate, especially in light of its gender inequality.
I think the challenge for us as writers is she's such a powerful, formidable, self-possessed, kick-ass woman," Klemmer told (http://comicbook.
Lady Bird is the story of a self-possessed teen going through a process of self-actualisation.
And yet in both cases the parents were instantly vilified: Kerry Needham for being working class, Gerry and Kate McCann for being too self-possessed and attractive.
At seventeen, Delilah finds it easy to be herself -- but less easy to understand others who are less self-possessed.
Their equally self-possessed takes on their characters make for a level playing field, and when they engage in the modern-day game of love and loss, the stakes feel so much higher and more exciting to witness.