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is defined as an Act of God's self-praise which produces the "structurally related" servants or "ones who praise," beginning with the Muhammadan Reality itself.
And you'll really stand out as one of the few not basking in an orgy of self-praise.
But the resolution of those problems requires that we do not swing between self-praise and self-vilification.
She would pity their insecurity and wonder what weaknesses they were making such an obvious effort to mask with self-praise.
The award, for the youth in the age group of 14 to 17, aims at deepening the sense of pride, self-praise, affiliation and loyalty to the homeland and the Arab World; celebrating and honouring the Arab youth's capabilities and innovations on the international level; highlighting the importance of building and developing the Arab youth's individual competencies to the highest international standards.
It was a truly remarkable event - no self-praise intended - with three of the world's most successful 'administrators' of Universal Service Funds, from three continents, at one place, sharing what could be accomplished and what could be learned from the experiences.
The report of card of Manmohan Singh Government is just meant for self-praise.
We did not see anything else except for self-praise," he said.
This clever move allowed him to defend himself without engaging in self-praise, which was not only offensive but also ineffective as forensic proof.
Mubarak's direct and indirect self-praise, presentation of the national past, and the scenarios of the future are examined closely.
Galenic belief in the benefits of positive thinking, he explains, justified strategies of mystification, self-praise, and downright deception needed to elicit the patient's trust in the physician's qualifications and expertise, and the patient's faith in the possibility of recovery.
In some ways it may appear that this article is written with the intent of self-praise.