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I wonder why we are so insecure that we need to engage in self-praise.
Mubarak's direct and indirect self-praise, presentation of the national past, and the scenarios of the future are examined closely.
In a nation given to self-praise, that is not good.
In some ways it may appear that this article is written with the intent of self-praise.
The rest is an exercise in 'how many times can I repeat myself without using the same words', along with a liberal helping of self-praise.
THE latest GDP figure shows the UK''s economy to be stagnating - despite all the self-praise from the Labour party about their economic prowess.
Instead of rationally defining the problem and understanding its underlying causes, anger and frustration led many commentators to slide into diabolizing the "other," indulging in acts of chauvinistic self-praise and even inciting violence.
Topics include Aristides and early Greek lyric, elegiac, and iambic poetry, Aristides' use of myths, Aristides and the Greek pantomimes, bathing and oratory in Aristides' Hieros Logos I and Oration 33, body and landscape in Aristides The Sacred Tales, Aristides and Plutarch on self-praise, Aristides and the politics of Rome, and Aristides' reception at Byzantium.
Pervaiz Elahi said that self-praise does not eradiacte the difficulties, these can only be overcome by long term and tangible planning.
FITZGERALD'S letter (ECHO, Dec 8) regarding Cllr Peter Millea's self-praise, is spot on about the traffic cock-up in this city.
Sometimes the saying comes to mind: self-praise is worth no praise at all.