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While speaking with ANI he said," Our (congress party's) main problem is that we don't indulge in self-praising or promoting the work we do unlike other parties.
Our political institutions are weak and self-serving, our diaspora culture often self-obsessed and self-praising.
Raz in his remarks pointed out that most poets and writers were interested in romanticism and self-praising while they held an important responsibility to guide their people on the right track.
We started big, and we remain big" is the clunky, self-praising but deceptive slogan used by Egyptian television to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its establishment.
Beyond self-praising discourses and political compromise, practical steps, based on the imperatives above, are needed from COP 15 delegates to respond to the expectations of people all over the world.
Self-praising acts and banshee screams, We hate to see and hear, Nor sporting prima donnas, And bad language everywhere.
What wasn't helpful in Jasper's article is that the CFTC sponsored a typical self-congratulatory, self-praising awards ceremony the kind of which the Hollywood glitterati thrive on.
As official spokesperson for a godly cause, Milton lays claim to multiple divine favours, and his self-praising digressions opened him to insightful criticism by Alexander More that exposed his selfaggrandizing.
The wise, competence and conscientious that used to operate and maintain the politic machine have been largely replaced during the last few decades by clueless, double-talking, self-praising wannabes that spent huge slices of tax-payers' money on politically unaccountable executives and other self-serving quangos.
She said headteacher Fiona Dickens told her Scots were self-deprecating and had trouble with self-praising Americans.
John Sharpe (Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts): Many people would say Americans tend to understate themselves or they're much less formal, much less pretentious, much less self-praising.
Meanwhile, all those self-praising performance charts can be put in the shredder where they belong.