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PROVISION, com. law. The property which a drawer of a bill of exchange places in the hands of a drawee; as, for example, by remittances, or when the drawee is indebted to the drawer when the bill becomes due, provision is said to have been made. Acceptance always presumes a provision. See Code de Comm. art. 115, 116, 117.

PROVISION, French law. An allowance granted by a judge to a party for his support; which is to be paid before there is a definitive judgment. In a civil case, for example, it is an allowance made to a wife who is separated from her husband. Dict. de Jurisp. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a similar reliance on domestic labor, individual resourcefulness, and self-provisioning skills continues to be woven into state-building processes across a variety of socialist and postsocialist contexts.
Davydov's book, based on an unusually wide range of sources, offers the first specialized and extremely detailed work on the phenomenon of popular "self-provisioning." Avoiding both idealization and crude labeling, the author vividly and in great detail reconstructs the origins and evolution of the bag-trade movement, the social caste and hierarchy of its practitioners, the main routes for illegal provisioning, the contradictions of state policy with regard to the bag trade, and the reasons that it flourished in various periods of Soviet history.
Whatever the status of their relationship with paid work, the overwhelming majority of fathers made it a point to let me know that they were taking on self-provisioning work, mainly "working on the house," and/or doing community work.
And, we allow you to Instantly alter your phone's features via self-provisioning over the Internet.
Allot enables Swisscom to offer enhanced high quality, differentiated, and flexible data center services to their enterprise customers based on comprehensive reporting and self-provisioning capabilities.
Spectrum Accelerate features various cloud-ready features and technologies, including snapshot, synchronous and asynchronous replication, multi-tenancy, automation through RESTful API and OpenStack, VMware vCloud Suite integration and self-provisioning.
Thanks to our proprietary web apps marketplace our customers virtually 'assemble' the LMS according to their requirements, especially in self-provisioning. With this approach our customers benefit from increased usability and adoption, and hence ROI."
100% self-service including fully automated self-provisioning
Instead of thinking that business guy who was just in my office is out of his freakin' mind, think self-provisioning (within guidelines that you establish, of course).
Now offered as an on-demand service, the solution features a self-provisioning user interface that enables users to rapidly join projects from anywhere around the globe.
MyNetonomy provides a wide range of self-provisioning and online enterprise account management capabilities that give business administrators and employees a simple, user friendly means of activating and managing their corporate and individual 3G data accounts and services.
This allowed real-time self-provisioning of flexible virtual connections, and the ability to change bandwidth as needed, also in real time.