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By implication, to get more contractors to self-regulate in terms of H&S or to encourage those self-regulating H&S wise, the factors in this paragraph should not be addressed as having the same impact on the small-sized contractors and medium-sized contractors.
In contrast students with low education output have less attempt and they show less desire for activities of coordination and the methods of learning, they have low self-regulating and they rarely reach to high rate of succession [13].
Thus, the effective use of self-regulating strategies in certain areas would depend on the quantity and quality of the interaction, between the person and the subject.
The self-regulating brain: cortical- subcortical feedback and the development of intelligent action.
Her interview comments were aligned with the comments of other self-regulating students (i.e., those who raised their Exam 2 scores).
It is an open-loop controller with two self-regulating valve pins.
Other examples include re-introducing tools for other-regulating and self-regulating social behaviors that have been passed on by many generations but may be missing from the experience of today's preschoolers and kindergartners (Bodrova & Leong, 2006).
At the same time, 'politics' and 'economy' came to be understood as distinct, the former dealing with the techniques of government, the latter with a sphere of activity increasingly viewed as autonomous and self-regulating. These shifts were themselves linked to successive modes of rule: 'reason of state' associated with the rationalisation of the principles of state government; 'police' with its apparatus of surveillance which first constituted population as an object of knowledge; and subsequently with liberal governmentality, as we shall see.
Some believe there is no need to shift gears in this post-award phase because it is perceived as self-regulating. The contractor delivers the service, perhaps with only modest issues or few problems along the way.
Beaches are a model civic space: tolerant, playful, self-regulating ...
The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between students' use of self-regulating learning behaviors and preferences for one of three (3) teaching models, including traditional classroom, hybrid (partially online), and fully online courses.
In so doing, it breeched the trust of the investing public and lost credibility as a self-regulating body.