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The artifice of these cars--the rugged look, the impression of self-reliance and security they give--is complimented by real brawn under the hood and on the chassis.
The majority of counselors and parents reported positive growth for their camper/student or child in one or more developmental areas: social interactions, communication with others, responsibilities, self-reliance, self-esteem, participation in recreation, skill achievement, self-help, and respect for others.
The father must exaggerate his self-reliance and emotional independence in order to claim his manhood and his human dignity.
He said that all formations of the authority had been directed to adopt the policy of self-reliance and effectively utilise the available resources to make the MCI and CDA self-sustainable departments.
He also described the Afghanistan future vision to have a developed, democratic, self-reliance and free of corruption and violence country.
He said research is crucial for progress and development and it is, therefore, imperative to strive for self-reliance.
With the objective of achieving substantive self-reliance in defence production, the Ministry of Defence has issued the Defence Production Policy in January 2011 with the approval of the Defence Acquisition Council.
Basic advice focusing on practical responses, building responsibility, self-reliance, and self-esteem, and long- term goals form the solid core of this informational and inspirational guide.
The single biggest reason I read your magazine is that it is a publication that holds the concept of self-reliance in high regard.
To provide youth in care and former youth in care with training in the Peer Helping curriculum, developed by the National Youth in Care Network, which will address life skills, interpersonal skills and critical personal skills such as self-esteem and self-reliance.