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He further added that the sanctions should be seized as an opportunity for self-reliance of Syrian people.
Abdul Jabbar Safi, the AAI deputy head, said the country had attained self-reliance in 22 products and would achieve more milestones if the incoming government paid special attention to the economy.
Philosophers have long held that epistemic self-reliance has a special value.
High oil and gas production in these Eagle Ford wells bodes well for the Texas economy and American energy self-reliance.
ISLAMABAD -- Afghan Minister for Education Farooq Wardag has said self-reliance can keep the environment in the region on right track in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the post ISAF drawdown.
The real meaning of Iqbal's concept of self-esteem was self-reliance and without self-reliance we could not be able to maintain self-esteem.
This essay argues that Emerson developed most of the basic elements of his principal Transcendentalist doctrine of self-reliance during his tenure as Unitarian minister of Boston's Second Church between 1829 and 1832.
The Forest Schools initiative is designed to take schoolchildren from an urban environment and teach them new skills and the value of responsibility and self-reliance.
The Go Green Festival is held in April and October of each year to promote self-reliance, local agriculture, sensible renewable energy, and the local economy of the Ozarks.
Antony has called upon the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to take a relook at the goal of self-reliance in a globalized economy.
It is to be different and make that difference with self-confidence and self-reliance.