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Not for the first time this summer, he departed full of self-reproach - third out, after Alex Hales had thrown the bat at a little width only to edge high and fast to slip, where Mohammad Hafeez took a very good catch.
In Lebanon, the flurry of politicians' statements about the need to enact laws to ensure equality and protection of women is a form of self-reproach because the laws they are seeking should have been enacted years ago, with the country ranking behind other Arab counties in terms of women's participation in politics and governance.
In the speaker's self-reproach and his remarks on other poets, we feel the pressure of a newly-forming community of tastes.
Feeling bad about your work habits can catch you in a negative cycle of self-reproach and further procrastination, because you start to feel like you cant do the work.
In his report made to the ongoing session of the National People's Congress (NPC) Chief Justice Zhou Qiang expressed self-reproach for wrongful convictions during his tenure.
Chandrima Chakraborty's "Speaking through Bodies, Exhibiting the Limits: British Colonialism and Gandhian Nationalism" shows Gandhi's initial self-reproach and his later transformation of the figure of the Hindu ascetic and ascetic practices to contest and alter Western "regimes of truth" about Hindu religion and masculinity.
Broad believes the circumstances of Cook's seventh successive Test dismissal for under 30 mean there is no reason for self-reproach.
Broad believes the circumstances of Cook's seventh successive Test dismissal for under T 30 mean there is no reason for self-reproach.
Alone in the depths of my fears and self-reproach, an unexpected calm washed over me--a preternatural stillness in the path of the ominous funnel cloud.
The country's diverse population is famously poor at putting some money aside for the future - a particular source of self-reproach for the millions of expatriates who moved to the UAE to do just that.
It is not his style to turn the air blue with self-reproach or frustration.
Elsasser's Woman is a marvelous portrait of self-reproach, defensive denial, fearful uncertainty, and tender melancholy.