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And now, because my mind was not confused enough before, I complicated its confusion fifty thousand-fold, by having states and seasons when I was clear that Biddy was immeasurably better than Estella, and that the plain honest working life to which I was born, had nothing in it to be ashamed of, but offered me sufficient means of self-respect and happiness.
I am your vassal, but I am not your slave; your nobility neither has nor should have any right to dishonour or degrade my humble birth; and low-born peasant as I am, I have my self-respect as much as you, a lord and gentleman: with me your violence will be to no purpose, your wealth will have no weight, your words will have no power to deceive me, nor your sighs or tears to soften me: were I to see any of the things I speak of in him whom my parents gave me as a husband, his will should be mine, and mine should be bounded by his; and my honour being preserved even though my inclinations were not would willingly yield him what you, senor, would now obtain by force; and this I say lest you should suppose that any but my lawful husband shall ever win anything of me.
They could retire with perfect self-respect and make excuses to the stars.
who thought that his own self-respect was a higher tribunal than any external opinion?
Yet he is a talented, an original-minded man, and even he does not like you; your self-respect defies you to like him; he has always seen you to disadvantage; he always will see you to disadvantage; your positions are unequal, and were they on the same level your minds could not; assimilate; never hope, then, to gather the honey of friendship out of that thorn-guarded plant.
The glory of heroism, of usefulness, of exertion, of endurance, made his own habits of selfish indulgence appear in shameful contrast; and he wished he had been a William Price, distinguishing himself and working his way to fortune and consequence with so much self-respect and happy ardour, instead of what he was!
If one is a man of self-respect," I went on, "one risks abuse by so doing, and is forced to put up with insults of every kind.
He was remarkable for self-respect, without haughtiness.
He has, however, retained some degree of self-respect," he continued, disregarding my remonstrance.
It had reduced Mr Eugene Warden's self-respect to a minimum.
I am glad to say I had too much self-respect, and too little respect for Raffles, ever to be a friend of his then.
And he stood with his back to the window, his pistols raised, and his head carried proudly - happily - like a man whose self-respect was coming back to him after many days.