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Enchanting and poignant, this is a film any self-respecting parent should take their kids to seeSTAR RATINGS: *** Must see at all cost *** A+ entertainment *** Average ** Poor * Save your money
Ads suggested that power appliances were tools that any self-respecting man could use comfortably.
Evolution has failed to turn dogs into couch potatoes, computer game addicts, or other variations on sedentary themes--no self-respecting dog would shrug off a run.
I did what any self-respecting head coach would do: I asked my assistant coach, Jeff Sawvel.
Like any hardy and self-respecting Canuck artist who's been awestruck by the power of winter (and the list includes such luminaries as Lawren Harris, Jean-Paul Lemieux and Jean Pierre Lefebvre), Sokolowski has made art out of his elemental encounter.
The pink Milliskin tights and skimpy jacket were enough to send any self-respecting male into a frenzy.
And no self-respecting French city would be able to hold up its head without a mediatheque.
Hockenberry runs screaming from the overcoming tragic-hero stereotype as surely as any self-respecting person with a disability.
I mean, I'm sorry, while it is filled with lots of good stuff, no self-respecting "Xer" would touch this anthology with a ten-foot pole, so I wonder for whom is it intended.
Spring, when fresh mint is in bloom, is the only time any self-respecting bartender in Kentucky will mix up a MINT JULEP.
Whole wheat or white, rye or pumpernickel, oatmeal or seven-grain; they all give you a nice shot of complex carbohydrates, which any self-respecting health authority will tell you to eat more of.
No self-respecting account representative would sacrifice credibility for a one-shot hit on the evening news, and no responsible client would ask it.