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Whenever there is a time-lag between decision and fulfilment arrives; and the longer the time interval, the greater the requisite sense of courage, dedication and self-sacrifice must be sustained through time, until the moment of fulfilment arrives; and the longer the time interval, the greater the strain, and the more difficult it is to sustain alive and on a higher scale, the attributes called forth at the stage of decision.
Society as a whole, as well as religious institutions and other organizations individually, rely heavily on women's self-sacrifice in order to maintain a status quo of suffering and violence, says Green, and asks how the operative understanding of love can be reinterpreted and redeemed so that it gives life instead.
These two groups examined patterns evident in how the topics of self-sacrifice and of music were (and were not) discussed in the journal.
The Ennahda Movement does not blame Habib Essid for the failure of the government which, despite everything, has shown dedication and self-sacrifice in the service of the country, he told TAP
"The movie, fully made by Kuwaiti youths, immortalizes the late poet Fayeq Abduljalil, one of the Kuwaiti martyrs who set an example of self-sacrifice and patriotism," she said at a press conference.
IDCP is a self-report instrument for assessing pathological personality aspects consisting of 163 items divided in 12 dimensions, namely: Dependency, Aggressiveness, Mood Instability, Eccentricity, Attention Seeking, Mistrust, Grandiosity, Isolation, Avoidance of Criticism, Self-Sacrifice, Conscientiousness, and Impulsiveness.
Carol Jayne Lopez said Roxas should be cited for his "attitude on self-sacrifice" and his "strength of character beyond politics."
In Victorian Sacrifice, Ilana Blumberg picks up one implication of McCloskey's argument: the way in which mid-nineteenth century English novelists wrote about self-sacrifice and atonement.
She starts with male and female characters exerting their Christian selves in Adam Bede, then moves to the trollop's ethic of self-sacrifice as a mutual benefit, Collins's writerly sacrifice, suicide and atonement for past sins in A Tale of Two Cities, and Elsmer's "true best self" and the ideal of mutual service.
Christ stood for self-sacrifice, humility, charity, mercy and peace.
WEIGHTLIFTER Georgi Black has begun a period of self-sacrifice to achieve her dream of winning a Commonwealth Games medal for Scotland.
A topic that has recently attracted increasing attention from leadership researchers is the self-sacrifice of leaders, but to date, relatively little is known about the mediators of the effects of leadership level and self-sacrifice on group factors, especially the effects on group behavior (De Cremer & van Knippenberg, 2004).