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The outcomes for UC, presented above, reflect a rather uncomplimentary image of the role of self-sacrifice within close relationships.
Problematically, the intuition that self-sacrifice for the sake of some project indicates its moral worth may lead us to make additional sacrifices for the sake of causes which were wrong-headed from the start.
This plus the fact that achieving a goal for the sake of which one has personally sacrificed redeems those self-sacrifices proves that the Sacrifice Principle is true: that the greater the amount of self-sacrifice that goes into achieving a goal, the more its achievement contributes to one's welfare.
Suicide bombing is just an extension of this self-sacrifice - the ultimate extension.
It must restore principles of self-sacrifice and true service, reconnecting professionals to the people they serve.
Because God is so good, after 40 days of Lent spent in intense self-sacrifice and penance, in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, God gives us 50 days of celebration, 10 more days of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans than ashes, bread, and water.
Because of the bravery and self-sacrifice of Officer Sesoko and the assistance of Officer Tenney, the boy escaped unharmed.
In this schema, self-sacrifice is triumphant: The artist should renounce authorial presence in favor of allowing participants to speak through him or her.
The quotidian, scientific self-sacrifice of millions of environmentalists worldwide--such as installing environmentally safe windows or investing in responsible stocks--never appears on the playbill.
Rand's rejection of the moral code that condemns selfishness as the ultimate evil and holds up self-sacrifice as the ultimate good is a radical challenge to received wisdom, an invitation to a startlingly new way to see the world.
His journey of self-sacrifice is side-tracked by a meeting with performance artist Dua (Margret Vilhjalmsdottir), who has been entrusted with caring for a rare Icelandic falcon rescued by her sick uncle.
But the aftermath of the storm was replete with so many stories of heroism and self-sacrifice that the Pensacola News Journal took nominations for "Heroes during Hurricane Ivan.