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The tangible keenness of Bahraini citizens and residents to participate in such activities and events reflects the social awareness level of the importance of sports in maintaining the safety and health of human beings, and their role in promoting and spreading happiness and self-satisfaction," HH added.
Self-satisfaction came in with just 23 per cent, signalling an overwhelming inclination to support charitable causes for social reasons.
Walters also rebuffed the idea of any additional and distorting sense of self-satisfaction among Tesla and electric car drivers, stating his belief that all car owners in the survey judge their cars according to what is most important to them, and whether that car meets or exceeds those expectations.
Gavan Ring's performance combines a manic self-satisfaction with a dash of the spiv, a great comic creation.
Brooke is a wonderfully larger-than-life character, brimming with bombastic self-satisfaction, but her relationship with the impressionable Tracy is a gentle delight, full of wit and warmth.
At last he caught it and in triumph bought it back, Went into the house - no self-satisfaction did lack, But there in the garden his brother's dog he found, Had spent hours chasing the wrong one around
As Stephen Dale observes, this tone of self-satisfaction can be worn comfortably by its present architects in large part because the last veterans of these conflicts have now passed away, their voices and traumas joining the legions of war dead.
The rabble at the table remains as does the smug sense of self-satisfaction (aka getting one over the kids) when they tuck in and ask for seconds.
Webster identifies two main components in the definition of complacency--(1) self-satisfaction and (2) unawareness (of actual dangers or deficiencies).
SANDRA GRAHAM, an employee at Halifax's Retail Contact Centre - explains why pledging her services as a Digital Volunteer has given her a great self-satisfaction in the knowledge that by giving a piece of her time she is helping to make a lasting difference.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat ala-Iraq: Iraqi oil ministry announced that the need for benzene in the country is increasing by 5% annually, hoping to reach self-satisfaction by 2017.
Stewie himself steals the show, with spot-on expressions of joy, chagrin, terror and self-satisfaction.