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Much as my dear boy was, unhappily, too self-conscious and self-satisfied (I'll draw no parallel between him and you in that respect) to love as he should have loved, or as any one in his place would have loved--must have loved
Thus he never failed to pay his diurnal court to her; and the self-satisfied Gascon was convinced that sooner or later she could not fail to respond.
I hate you, Gavrila Ardalionovitch, solely (this may seem curious to you, but I repeat)--solely because you are the type, and incarnation, and head, and crown of the most impudent, the most self-satisfied, the most vulgar and detestable form of commonplaceness.
You are in the hands of officials who zealously study your welfare and your interest, instead of turning their talents to the invention of new methods of discommoding and snubbing you, as is very often the main employment of that exceedingly self-satisfied monarch, the railroad conductor of America.
The Republican presidential hopeful shows off a self-satisfied smirk, a jowly grin and a jeering sneer while addressing voters in Dallas.
Bad Neighbors" is so shallow, self-satisfied and downright silly that I hesitate to discuss it.
Putting her reputation in jeopardy matters less to Zosia than wiping the self-satisfied smile off Guy's face.
These islands can only carry one middle aged, smug, self-satisfied, incredibly arrogant TV bore at a time.
They are self-satisfied, assured of their own intellectual detachment, morally patrician and wealthy" Actor Griff Rhys Jones "I am learning from my dear friend Miley Cyrus not to overthink.
Fitting into the solid market for well-made, uplifting stories about individuals with special needs fighting the odds, the pic can also be seen as a manipulative heart-tugger directed at self-satisfied audiences who enjoy rooting for those less fortunate than themselves.
Peter Mandelson is one of the most odious, self-satisfied, misogynistic men I have ever met.
The archive footage, not least the sickening, self-satisfied words of the likes of Paul Middup, former secretary of the South Yorkshire Police Federation, still hurts.