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There are moments when the inner life actually "pays," when years of self-scrutiny, conducted for no ulterior motive, are suddenly of practical use.
All these years later, it is time to reassert this principle of self-scrutiny. Stephen Lawrence Day, which seeks to build and promote a cohesive, safe and inclusive society, could not have arrived at a better time.
After a bout of self-scrutiny, I realized that this heaviness of the soul began on Rizal Day, while my relatives and I were assembled at the foot of the gigantic flagpole waiting for the yearly commemoration rites to begin.
People who suffer from recurrent depressive episodes are prone to constant questioning and self-scrutiny about the situation.
In her own admonition, she 'replaced self-scrutiny.' In meekness, she extended a 'pure and simple glance of God's goodness.' And 'that is all the doing you have to worry about.' She struggled for a long time to forgive the man who caused her great sorrow.
His latest album, 'Revival', is built around racial profiling, self-scrutiny and self-deploring messages.
He has been escaping self-scrutiny his whole life and has become a genius at the self-exculpating rationalisation.
Humility demands honest self-scrutiny: "Why do you see the speck in your neighbor's eye but do not notice the log in your own?" (Matthew 7:3).
Though, self-scrutiny is somehow beneficial as it helps to identify mistakes, brings humility and promote positive changes but its excessive use perpetuate harms to well-being that overshadowed its beneficial impacts (Panayotova, 2016).
The aim is to replace the disempowering scrutiny of conventional research processes with the empowerment of self-scrutiny and self-organisation through the social dialogue and participatory research.
The novel explores themes of early twentieth-century New Age spirituality, using them as a means to address Katherine Mansfield's chronic illness, her intense self-scrutiny, and her admirable struggle for self-awareness.
Emotional self-scrutiny is positively encouraged in HMP Parc's groundbreaking Family Intervention Unit [FIU], a designated 60-bed wing which is attracting increasing attention in penal reform circles.