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There are moments when the inner life actually "pays," when years of self-scrutiny, conducted for no ulterior motive, are suddenly of practical use.
A certified practicing accountant with a degree in Accounting from the University of Newcastle and a Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, Wai-Yee is renowned for helping investors become better traders with her firm belief that the human brain can be rewired to counter negative emotions through active self-scrutiny.
The couple in the poem is aware of the shadows threatening them: they are "lying in the dark together" (39), which speaks of betrayal on several levels, and they are forced to face their self-deception when the male begins an act of self-scrutiny which by nature imposes itself on his partner and provokes a crisis.
The fact that Dubai chose self-scrutiny as the baseline for this plan is to its everlasting credit.
Following organisational changes resulting from significant budget reductions over a number of years and with more to come - self-scrutiny and providing value for public money are all the more important.
It is easy to imagine Rembrandt turning in on himself, towards self-scrutiny and introspection.
John Zubizarreta speaks to the usefulness of reflection when he says that it is "desirable in promoting better learning, but it is also challenging and painful, demanding a level of self-scrutiny, honesty, and disinterestedness that comes with great difficulty" (7).
Where Aravamudan's work goes further than these existing criticisms of the totalizing binaries of a monolithic Orientalism is in the solid research that unearths a dizzying range of genres within which a complex self-scrutiny of Europe was under way and that details the strategies through which imaginative fiction (rather than scientific, philosophical, historical, or ethnographic discourse) constituted a powerful anti-foundationalist strain in the European Enlightenment.
P]erhaps honesty arises from an ability to dwell in the gray areas of partiality and complication: a willingness to question one's own revelations, to self-scrutinize without letting this self-scrutiny become solipsistic.
Which is not to say that genuine anti-Semitism directed at Israel does not exist, but that the fact of historic anti-Semitism has been used to neutralize criticism from the outside and self-scrutiny from within.
Freedom of the press in Lebanon must remain sacred and absolute, but under self-scrutiny.
We must re-discover the virtue of self-scrutiny and self-restraint," he said.