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The political system is broken, most of the players are only self-seeking and after their personal welfare; and of course, the effect is the poverty, despondency, and carnage in the land today'.
Sirajul Haq said that self-seeking politicians had always harmed the constitution and democracy.
In her book "Chasing Famous: Living the Life you've Always Auditioned For," Lisa shifts the focus from self-seeking affirmation to pointing people to God as the one to be honored.
Nothing ruins an early evening meal more than the announcement: "There now follows a party political broadcast on behalf of " A tortuous few minutes, seems like hours, of expensively produced self-seeking propaganda compulsorily beamed into our living rooms.
DONALD Trump was slaughtered by Hillary Clinton in the first of the US presidential debates, but in a world where more and more voters feel disenfranchised by a self-seeking establishment it would be premature to write his obituary.
The youth league secretary for information, Gai Bona, also described the defectors as self-seeking individuals who acted mainly for personal benefits.
Many people would never imagine the range Of techniques they can use to drive you to despair 'Invisibly', just because your face doesn't fit, Self-seeking empire-builders are found everywhere.
Self-seeking nationalism in Europe has already given us two world wars and the industrial extermination of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and those suffering from physical or mental handicaps.
Mirza said that self-seeking persons are misfit in a regulatory body such as the SECP.
It is a terrible comment on Russia's self-seeking politics that it has chosen to split with its P5+1 partners and it should rethink this mistake.
The illusion of self-seeking has led to greed of a nature that even the FBR cannot resolve.
I also believe that whether the allegations are true or not, many local people will believe that this kind of reported activity is all too representative of many Westminster establishment politicians, of their self-seeking and their contempt for the working people of Britain.