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6) contributes to the critical reflective self-study of her teaching practices.
Self-study review books are available in a paper version for $45 per section or in an electronic version for $33 per section; other books covering subtopics in the BEC and FAR sections are available in paper ($37) or electronic ($25) versions.
They also can cancel a registration; submit an address change; and track their coupon usage, as well as order a self-study or online course; take their final exam; see their grade instantly; and print out a certificate of completion.
The purpose of our ongoing programmatic self-study is to track teachers' thinking about collaboration and inquiry while they participate as members of an inquiry-based learning community.
Qualifications: Eligible candidates will have successfully completed an enrollment assessment exam, pre-class independent reading assignment modules that require 18 to 24 hours, courses in a classroom setting or on a self-study basis, and a proctored final exam.
It produces online study sessions through its Virtual Classroom product, as well as self-study content and interactive online testing for exam candidates.
They are well-suited for teacher-aided instruction or self-study, and are especially useful to beginners, intermediate students and those interested in developing improvisational skills.
It uses computer animation and multimedia instruction to address scientific concepts at the middle-school level and can be used: as a self-study tool in the classroom or credit recovery program; to help teachers introduce concepts; for test review; and as a supplement to GED instruction or textbook lessons.
Because most bookkeepers learned on the job, AIPB offers a substantial amount of continuing education in the form of self-study courses.
This paper argues that there has been academic amnesia in the field of self-study with respect to the intellectual heritage underlying self-study as a way of understanding teaching practice.
NSA and Surgent now introduce four new self-study continuing professional education course packages at savings of up to 70%.