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Therefore the emergence of self-study on the landscape of teaching and teacher education has more to do with the politics of knowledge as it is played out within the academy rather than its practice by teachers in their daily engagement with learners in classrooms.
Other choices include having the entire group take self-study courses, having someone come in to present material, or simply relying on everyone reading the professional literature to stay up to date.
For over a decade, education faculty have used self-study research as an effective tool for both teaching improvement and knowledge discovery.
The following description applies to each of the five parts separately performing services of the coordinator of the cooperation network and self-education consisting in performing by the contractor for the employer the following activities, including in particular 1) diagnosing the development needs of teachers / school directors and kindergartens in the thematic area of cooperation and self-education network, cooperation with the coordinators of activities 2) organization of cooperation and self-study network and its work on the basis of the diagnosed
One of the most significant proposed revisions would update the self-study standards to permit adaptive-learning programs.
Scholars of education encourage teachers to study themselves as a way of improving their practice, and share their own experiences with self-study. Their topics include being indigenous in the indigenous education classroom: a critical self-study of teaching in an impossible and imperative assignment, a self-study of culturally relevant pedagogy in a higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates, navigating a narrative path: a self-study on using stories to deepen learning in pre-service teaching, illuminating teacher educators' self-understanding through the study of relationships in the teacher-education classroom, and writing from the heart-mind: cultivating not-knowing towards an Earthly Pedagogy.
Although results of studies on the relationship between self-study and academic achievement are inconsistent, empirical researchers have demonstrated that there is a causal relationship between self-study and academic achievement (Diseth, Pallesen, Brunborg, & Larsen, 2010; Doumen, Broeckmans, & Masui, 2014; Sun & Chung, 2013).
Software Testing: A Self-Teaching Introduction provides a fine overview of software testing in a self-study workbook that offers chapters of tips and a review of basic concepts surrounding software testing.
Continuous quality improvement is addressed through the following goal: "to promote the assessment and improvement of higher education services and programs through self-study, evaluation, and the use of CAS standards" (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, 2015, "CAS Purpose" p.2).
Thanks to the association's facilitated or self-study course formats, you can choose the type of learning that works best for you.
Eton Institute said it has announced online, self-study classes of 60 languages are now available for simultaneous study under a single license.
To kick off the New Year, Eton Institute offers the ultimate flexibility to its community of learners with its enhanced online self-study language courses, providing unlimited access to over 60 languages, interactive learning and cultural understanding, all under one license.