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Self-study review books are available in a paper version for $45 per section or in an electronic version for $33 per section; other books covering subtopics in the BEC and FAR sections are available in paper ($37) or electronic ($25) versions.
They also can cancel a registration; submit an address change; and track their coupon usage, as well as order a self-study or online course; take their final exam; see their grade instantly; and print out a certificate of completion.
The purpose of our ongoing programmatic self-study is to track teachers' thinking about collaboration and inquiry while they participate as members of an inquiry-based learning community.
Qualifications: Eligible candidates will have successfully completed an enrollment assessment exam, pre-class independent reading assignment modules that require 18 to 24 hours, courses in a classroom setting or on a self-study basis, and a proctored final exam.
Because most bookkeepers learned on the job, AIPB offers a substantial amount of continuing education in the form of self-study courses.
This paper argues that there has been academic amnesia in the field of self-study with respect to the intellectual heritage underlying self-study as a way of understanding teaching practice.
NSA and Surgent now introduce four new self-study continuing professional education course packages at savings of up to 70%.
Self-study research is a mode of scholarly inquiry in which teachers examine their beliefs and actions within the context of their work as educators (Whitehead, 1993) and explore pedagogical questions.
In addition to conferences, self-study courses and traditional courses, a new array of options are available, including teleconferences, online courses and educational CDs.
Also available are 200 self-study courses on topics such as desktop applications, design and media, networks, and operating systems.
I first thought of the numerous e-mails, paperwork and telephone calls that come into and out of the office or the slew of self-study reports, site visit team findings and requests for recognition of program officials that are submitted to the office daily, but I realized that a typical day at the JRCERT office wasn't about the paperwork.