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The mechanical object's utter indifference and externality to any effects upon it gives it the character of independent self-subsistence that we intend with the concept of an "object.
Farming for self-subsistence is predominant and a majority of households generates only modest surplus production and incomes.
a state, united for giving law, are called citizens (cives), and the rightful attributes of a citizen, inseparable from his essence [Wesen] (as such) are lawful freedom, obeying no other law than one to which he has given his consent [Beistimmung]; civil equality, recognizing no one superior among the people as having the moral power [VermOgen] to juridically bind him in a way that he could not in turn bind the other; and third, the attribute of civil self-subsistence [Selbstandigkeit], of being able to thank for his existence and maintenance not the Willkur of another among the people, but his own rights and forces as member of the commonwealth [gemeinen Wesen], it following from this his civil personality, not needing to be represented by another in matters concerning rights.
self-sufficiency, self-dependence, self-reliance, self-subsistence, self-support
They have changed the 'Great Land' from an isolated and limited land of self-subsistence, that still characterizes the lives of some Alaska Eskimos and Indians today, to a land of growing, bustling communities.
Political Justice inspired Wordsworth, Southey, Coleridge, and other youthful enthusiasts of the French Revolution to consider the optimal outcome of the revolution as a retreat to small-scale rural self-subsistence agriculture, the sharing of property on just principles, and the practice of government according to pantisocratic principles.
The food aid enables her to raise some savings to keep her children -- three of whom suffered from anaemia -- on a nutritious diet, but opportunities for self-subsistence remain in short supply.
Among his topics are self-subsistence and method, two senses of showing, time and the mystical, nonsense and two interpretations of the Tractatus, and the mystical and the meaning of life.
That this world is gone (or even that it might never have been) is more likely a contribution to (or evidence for) the work's self-subsistence, to its greatness and continuing greatness as art; for the work, through its own puissance and on its own terms, like every great work of art, evidently has the power to create, recreate, and perpetuate the image of this "decayed" world of the French peasant woman.
This mandated that the food supply for the Japanese occupying forces would be based on a self-subsistence system and would be established only in the occupied areas.
Mrs Latham and her husband, who worked for an electricity company, quit Leeds 10 years ago for Troedyrhiw Farm, a 45-acre smallholding in the hills above Port Talbot, with the eventual aim of self-subsistence as in the television programme The Good Life.
But having set out to concede to nature a self-subsistence of its own, whose deliverances must be respected alongside those of revelation, M.