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In this paper, I utilize a critical feminist approach to examine the development of Canadian welfare-to-work policies within the influential, if often unseen, ideological umbrella of neo-liberalism, deconstructing the concepts of gender equality, dependency and self-sufficiency as they are understood in current welfare-to-work initiatives.
Unless the falling streaks in the consumption of rice, vegetables and marine products are stemmed, it will be difficult to improve the overall food self-sufficiency ratio,'' a ministry official said.
The Iranian Navy has achieved self-sufficiency in provision of its entire needs in various scientific and military fields," Admiral Sayyari said.
The report uses a Self-Sufficiency Standard which measures the actual cost of living in California, specific to each county, for housing, food and shelter, as well as the work-related costs of transportation, child care and taxes.
With production in 2008 reduced by drought, Iran has set aside its goal of wheat self-sufficiency and emerged as the world's largest wheat importer, after importing only 0.
By individual food item, the self-sufficiency rate for rice was 95%, unchanged from the previous year.
While the equipment needed for simple operations, like dental units, were imported in the past, we have now gained self-sufficiency in producing dentistry tools and equipment," Einollahi said in Tehran in August.
The Report, entitled: The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Ohio 2008 will be released at a special media briefing July 30.
The other crops targeted for self-sufficiency by 2015 are barley, maize, pulses, sugar beets, oilseeds and cotton.
The average ratio of Egypt's wheat self-sufficiency reached 54.
Inevitably, this search for a simpler existence based on self-sufficiency is not without its teething problems.
The Iranian commander said that Research and Self-sufficiency Jihad Organization of the army is working on remote-controlled robots which can carry out military mission.