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Earlier this month, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said the Philippine government's support to agriculture was best adjusted away from efforts to attain food self-sufficiency, particularly in rice, toward measures that strengthen productivity and farm profitability on a sustainable basis.
Delima, in their continued efforts to boost domestic rice production and, therefore, achieve national rice self-sufficiency for the people of our Republic of the Philippines.
On the other hand, the bulletin reported that the self-sufficiency rate of wheat reached 47.
From my perspective, PSA's self-sufficiency formula is quite flawed.
The problems faced by the government that year forced them to seriously consider pouring more money into the rice self-sufficiency program.
Evidence-based tools that can be leveraged by caseworkers and clients to flexibly manage and distribute benefits tailored to the true self-sufficiency needs of the family
That is not a formula for self-sufficiency in food.
Addressing the ceremony, senior Army Commander Brigadier General Khorram Toussi said that the Supreme Leader's guidelines paved the way for the self-sufficiency Jihad which put an end to the country's dependence and helped the country become self-sufficient in many strategic areas for which Iran previously needed foreign aid.
Popular foods such as bananas have to be imported from abroad, but there has also been a fall in self-sufficiency for food that can be grown or produced domestically, down from 77% in 2012 to 73% in 2013, and down from a high of nearly 87% in 1991.
The reasons why such communal grain self-sufficiency disappeared are many, ranging from cheap shipping rates to exhausted soils.
It seems our highest officials concerned with agricultural production are not in agreement on the government's ambitious goal of attaining rice self-sufficiency.