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Given the international pressures and sanctions, Iran embarked on building new vessels in the last several years and as a result is now self-sufficient in several marine areas," Saeednejad said on Saturday, addressing a ceremony to launch two Iran-made search and rescue vessels.
The self-sufficient eco system already is a big hit in America and Canada, where hundreds of thousands were sold.
John White, Global Care's chief executive, said: "Helping our overseas partners become more self-sufficient is crucial, because over the long term it frees up valuable funds to help even more vulnerable children.
Chief JUI-F said that unfortunately all the external and internal policies were molded under foreign pressure but we will have to reduce foreign dependence for turning the state self-sufficient.
The Islamic Republic has long planned to become self-sufficient in rice production, but the target date keeps changing.
81% of participants said development of new gas recovery projects will meet the UAE's rising demand and make the country self-sufficient by 2030.
Lee said CSC currently has a self-sufficient rate of 1% in iron mine and 3% in coal mine.
He said the animals provide families with a source of food and income, helping them to become self-sufficient.
He added the move meant Iran was now self-sufficient over the entire nuclear fuel cycle -- from extracting uranium ore to enriching it and producing nuclear fuel.
Take for instance a headline in today's Gulf News that reads "UAE must develop a more self-sufficient food industry.
But the PPF has now set out plans to be self-sufficient by 2030, by building up a fund equivalent to 110% of its estimated liabilities.
I'm really self-sufficient and independent, sometimes to a fault, but I would rather be that than helpless.