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Whereas, with decriminalisation, it's a lot easier for workers to work self-sufficiently and we can register as a business.
Also, the Pennsylvania native and her Irish husband lived for a decade in Tipperary, Ireland, renovating a decrepit farmhouse, living self-sufficiently and raising chickens.
Within the collaborative works, language is deployed fast and loose, functioning self-sufficiently as a formal device (as in Pork Chop), but also charging the seemingly nonsensical combinations of elements with the humor of a purported (albeit often mystifying) purpose.
With Filip, fellow COE judge, Vytautas Kratulis, owner of Sviezia Kava, Vilnius, Lithuania, and Allan Botrell, promotion agent, Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, running the COE cuppings and coffee classes so self-sufficiently and efficiently, I was able to focus on other events and never had to worry about their sessions, so thank you.
As we walked around the shore, Dave pointed out places which were habitats for bear and other forest creatures, and showed me a tumbledown timber cabin in the woods where a recluse had lived self-sufficiently for many years.
It's the story of how one couple ditched their New York City careers and high-pressure lifestyle and moved to rural New Mexico, where they made, built, invented, foraged, and grew all they needed to live self-sufficiently.
The new Oracle BI mobile capability enables business users to deliver powerful analytic apps self-sufficiently, for use on any mobile device, to improve business outcomes and ensure everyone is effective while on the go.
The adopted rules align with the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine's (ACOEM) nationally-recognized pain management standard, which focuses on medical, behavioral therapy, physical conditioning and education to help workers become self-sufficiently functional shortly after injury.
He hopes to manage his exit and the monies raised will help run Hearts self-sufficiently until next summer.
He explained the different processes of reconstruction and rehabilitation; presently of the 11,600 former LTTE cadres who had surrendered, all have been rehabilitated and reintegrated with special skills development training for them to restart their lives and live self-sufficiently.
It was also reported that while Dua declined to specify the timeline for the first product to be developed indigenously by Hero, he said the company was working towards attaining all targets to operate self-sufficiently before the licensing agreement with Honda would end in June 2014.