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As mentioned above, interpersonal self-support traits were found to be negatively related to emotional symptoms.
Three reasons have been suggested to explain why personal self-support traits have been presumed to be associated with positive self-schema and other schema.
The findings of the study confirmed that self-support is the hidden cost of outsourced desktop services, with end users putting in as much as triple their previous effort to resolve their own PC issues.
His thesis raised questions about the inherent inadequacies of welfare reforms that relied on wage-earning for self-support during periods of declining job availability.
The purpose of the PASS is to fund training or education, purchase occupational equipment, or establish a business or some other means of self-support.
Since the Spring and Autumn period (770 BC-476 BC) and the Warring States period (475 BC-221 BC), the word self-support (Zili) has appeared in many contexts in Chinese literature.