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Self-supporting personality and psychological symptoms: The mediating effects of stress and social support.
But the town's goal was a self-supporting facility that wouldn't require taxpayer subsidies, and that result is basically guaranteed in the management contract.
Few universities in the United States have self-supporting athletic departments.
Self-supporting systems offer advantages of lower prices and ease of assembly.
Neither the employment programs nor the work requirements for mothers proved effective in moving people into self-supporting jobs.
The same question relates to self-supporting stacks.
Self-supporting behavior is a concept proposed by Huang, drawn from the dimensions of self that are valued highly in traditional Chinese culture (Huang, 2004; Huang & Che, 2003; Huang & Xia, 2004).
1983-87), where he developed a mission congregation into a self-supporting parish.
The Olympia ranges are supplied with tubular legs for wall or floor mounting, or with self-supporting feet, to be moveable.
All GO Series ovens are supplied with a self-supporting refractory lined stack and single platform cart.