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Few universities in the United States have self-supporting athletic departments.
Neither the employment programs nor the work requirements for mothers proved effective in moving people into self-supporting jobs.
The same question relates to self-supporting stacks.
DENVER -- Today Johns Manville Filtration, a division of Johns Manville's Engineered Products Group (EPG), announces the debut of an air filtration media with Self-Supporting Pleat([TM]) technology called Assurance([TM]) with SSP([TM]) for residential HVAC, commercial and industrial applications.
The supply of self-supporting insulated wires (SIP) for voltage up to 35 kV for JSC" Lenenergo "and OJSC" mrsk of North-West[beaucoup plus grand que]
The decision to make "this vital program be 100 percent self-supporting has been a failure;' he charges, "and needs to be reassessed.
Net tax-supported debt excludes self-supporting bonds issued for water loans, the veterans' loan program, and loans to college students.
beaucoup moins que]Supply of fittings for self-supporting insulated wire (SIP) for voltage up to 1000 for the needs of" Lenenergo "and JSC" IDGC North-West "
It is Land's hope that, weather permitting, a good turnout next spring will make the rodeo self-supporting once more.
The result is a compact, self-supporting structure that can be stacked easily.
Net tax-supported debt includes all debt that is being serviced by the government, regardless of the identity of the issuer, less any directly issued debt that is self-supporting from operation of a revenue producing enterprise such as a toll road.
Contract awarded for buy for tower prefabricated self-supporting foundations in bay fildes harbormaster.