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The authors call for more research into the discrepancy between inpatient and outpatient groups and for experts to modify treatment in order to make up for the loss of self-worth seen in inpatient settings.
The 10-item Self-Worth scale resulted in a Coefficient Alpha of .
endorsement of God's unconditional love: one of self-worth based on
Conclusion: Obese adolescent experience more rejection sensitivity and shyness while had less self-worth as compared to non-obese adolescents of their age.
Although depression is often assumed to reflect low self-esteem, some contemporary scholars have argued that particular facets of self-esteem, such as its relative stability and whether or not it is based on externally contingent appraisals of self-worth, are better predictors of performance and adjustment indicators than are global self-esteem levels.
It is a self-report instrument consisting of 36 items distributed in six scales: scholastic competence, social acceptance, global self-worth, athletic competence, physical appearance and behavior.
There's no way I would be full of joy, self-satisfation and self-worth if I sold up and moved to Stornaway.
Stoke-on-Trent scored the lowest for life satisfaction and self-worth and was third lowest for happiness behind Bedford and Merseyside.
People who live in Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles report the highest levels of life satisfaction, self-worth and happiness in the whole of Great Britain.
The study found that contingencies of self-worth explain much of the social behavior enacted online.
The possession of positive feelings of self-worth or high self-esteem has been considered important, not only as an index of mental well-being but also as a mediator of behavior (Fox 1988).
Crocker and Wolfe (2001) viewed self-esteem as one's overall judgments of their self-worth, and proposed a model of global self esteem (global judgments of self-worth) where self esteem is seen as both a trait and a state.