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"When you see that your partner is acting selfishly, it is better to let it go and act altruistically instead; let them make the decision because this will ultimately ensure a better outcome for you than if you act selfishly too," Nikolova explained.
They have in particular, by their selfishly driven policies, truncated the flagship of Awolowo's governance of the Western Region, free education.
"Brad (Stevens) being more definitive in what he wants and us responding the right way and not necessarily doing it selfishly. Coach says something, he wants something done, he thinks this is best for the team - instead of responding selfishly and thinking about yourself, you think about what's best for the team."
Selfishly, from a West Brom point of view, if he stays with us for the whole season he will threaten Leicester's first team next July.
Nevertheless, if anyone goes on selfishly insisting on "Me First," he is not only swimming against the current, but also as a result isolating himself from all society and ruining the entire world.
Sadly, this is the case and the reason doctors behave so selfishly.
It made me sweat in private selfishly. It made me bleed, bleep & weep for health.
THE charity in charge of maintaining Coventry Canal has called for people to stop selfishly dumping their rubbish in the waterways.
London selfishly bid for the Grand Depart then sent it back.
Chairmen and their board know that players react selfishly when a manager loses his job.
I see people who are nearly gleeful about terrible things in the world because they see them as signs that they are selfishly about to be snatched.
Alex Salmond is selfishly gambling with your future and that of all our children.