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I'm proud to join our nation's Medal of Honor recipients in urging Americans to nominate people who have performed selfless acts of courage or service to others.
He said that volunteerism truly represents humanity that reinforces ones belief in selfless service, kindness, and altruism, even in troublesome times, rising above all the prejudices.
He said that if one's wondering where the reward is in being selfless, just reflect on how it feels when they see people out there helping others, or even when they hold the door for somebody the next time they are at Starbucks.
org is to champion the selfless acts of others, to create a portal into the soul of humanity and to inspire life long learning.
The family had been through a tough time and selfless Joanne asked for vouchers for all three boys to spend at high street stores.
The two common elements between all the recipients are their contribution to the community and how their selfless acts have inspired others.
Mostly, though, we learn of the war, the colonial history of its origins, and the national politics that fueled it, through the lives of Adichie's characters: Olanna, selfless, educated, wealthy, and fresh back home from London; Odenigbo, her idealist academic "revolutionary lover"; their houseboy (servant) Ugwu; Olanna's hard-as-nails twin sister Kainene, and her insecure white British lover.
A wonderful testimony to the power of selfless love as expressed by beloved pets, an invaluable quality for making the most of life itself.
Confronted with a tragedy far more significant than her own, as well as with the selfless examples of her husband and some dedicated nuns, she ultimately learns the meaning and value of love.
Although they later required medical attention, the selfless actions of Troopers Brophy and Boag resulted in many saved lives.
Written by a committed Christian, for committed Christians and those of all faiths who are committed to selfless good works in the name of the divine, The Christian Right.
In what can only be described as acts of selfless love, they have put their very lives on the line -- and often died -- in the service of their country.