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We'll play selfless cricket, we'll play fearless cricket and we hope we can make our fans proud this year.
For me, the lesson to take away from here is selfless service some people have rendered and it is a challenge to those of us that are here.
That selfless attitude is perfectly embodied by veteran guard Jayson Castro, who took only one attempt in the game and opted to get his teammates good looks especially shooters like Wright lurking beyond the arc.
This generation is open-minded, selfless, compassionate, and willing to do anything for anyone.
On Christmas Eve last year NDAA once again benefited from a selfless act by one of our own prosecutors.
In a statement released beforehand, Barbara added: "Alan was a peaceful, selfless man who left his family in the UK at Christmas 2013 to drive in a convoy all the way to Syria with his Muslim colleagues and friends to help those most in need.
Now her selfless actions have been praised by colleagues at The Badger pub and restaurant near Ponteland, Northumberland, where she works as a waitress.
My dad's life was cruelly taken away from him, although through various witness statements the story is blessed with his selfless act of saving the life of my brother.
Beatrice decides to leave her selfless abnegation family and undergo the rigorous and dangerous initiation required to become a dauntless warrior.
An internet campaign dubbed "Dog Bless You: To Champion the Selfless Acts of Animals" is running from May 30 to July 4, aimed at helping veterans suffering from debilitating pain and post-traumatic stress disorder.
The community has specifically chosen charities such the Snowball Appeal as they typify Sikh values such as contributing positively to society, selfless service and caring for elders.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- Lt-General Saif Abdullah Al Shafar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, lauded the efforts made by the retired officers in the promotion of security and praised them for their selfless work all the years they were in service.