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They work selflessly with honour and distinction, in the most challenging circumstance.
With the nomination process easier than ever, Award organisers are inviting all residents to nominate individuals who have selflessly contributed to the community and the people of the Emirate.
The ceremony included a data show "The Sleepless", exemplifying people who work selflessly for the sake of their society.
In his books, his Reith lectures and his activities in the House of Lords, he has given his time selflessly to the cause of enabling us to live more like Italians.
Director Nicholas Hytner (who also helmed the gay-themed The Object of My Affection) seems to see this kind of arrangement as a justified transaction: teachers selflessly bestowing knowledge and demanding only the mildest sexual contact in return.
During the Northridge Earthquake, we shared our food and selflessly took care of one another as we rebuilt.
He was willing to give sacrificially and love selflessly.
My thanks are also due to the many members who selflessly shared their ideas, their insights, and their time with me and the Institute, and who extended personal courtesies too numerous to recount.
The force also recognised the bravery of two members of the public who acted selflessly in saving the life of an injured driver involved in a collision involving two cars.
To ensure that we give appropriate recognition to the many scientists who so selflessly give of their time, this year we have changed to a two-year cycle for editorial review board membership.
Thank goodness, then for the brave journos of Toyo Keizai who have selflessly devoted themselves to a study of outlays per customer at the various food service groups that keep Japan munching.