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Upholding the values of democracy founded on tolerance, discipline, selflessness and respect for the law of the land, all his actions were based on the principles of Integral Humanism.
Allow me to share a wonderful story that exemplifies selflessness, compassion, faith, hope and mercy.
The entire nation is indebted to Ruth Pfau for her selflessness and unmatched services for eradication of leprosy," said Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.
They are displaying an extra degree of selflessness * Our police and paramilitary forces that brave death to combat terrorism or crime and keep us safe are not just doing their duty.
Her passion, dedication and selflessness blows me away.
To continue his selflessness he has gone on to donate and has three recipients waiting for their immediate transplants - we are hoping to prolong their life even though his was taken too quickly from ours.
He said Eidul Fitr was a manifestation of the sublime values of Islam, which foster piety, selflessness, sacrifice, brotherhood and empathy among the Muslims.
Increase selflessness through random acts of kindness, feeling connected, writing or doing empathy exercises.
His selflessness and genuinely caring nature saved a man with everything to live for from taking his own life.
The theme of this year's Christmas broadcast was reconciliation and the head of state said: "I have been deeply touched this year by the selflessness of aid workers and medical volunteers who have gone abroad to help victims of conflict or of diseases like Ebola, often at great personal risk.
He continues: "The difference between selflessness and altruism, is that selflessness doesn't exist.
This revised edition of a modern Caribbean fable offers a gentle message about the value of friendship and selflessness.