sell assets

See: liquidate
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Global Banking News-June 7, 2017--Piraeus Bank to sell assets to tackle bad loans
South Korea's second-largest sea cargo carrier, led gains among shares of Hyundai Group companies after the conglomerate said it plans to sell assets to raise 3.
Qatari developer Barwa Real Estate plans to sell assets worth 26 billion riyals ($7.
The Fed bank did not give a reason for the postponement, saying it will sell assets "only if the best available bid represents good value for the public.
24 February 2012 - German power and gas utility RWE AG (ETR:RWE) will not sell assets beyond the target of up to EUR11bn (USD15bn) already announced, Peter Terium, who will take overA as chief executiveA in July, told reporters today.
In January, Aldar said it would sell assets worth $1.
Summary: BP PLC (BP) has backed off from plans to sell assets in Algeria, the country's energy minister said Sunday, a blow to potential Russian buyer TNK-BP Ltd but a vote of confidence for the nation amid unrest in other parts of North Africa.
6 billion deal to sell assets to Russian operator Vimpelcom.
The CEO of Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC), Brian Moynihan, has said that the bank is planning to sell assets.
Ministers insisted they were not ordering councils to sell assets, and a spokesman for Treasury Minister Liam Byrne (Lab Hodge Hill), who yesterday launched the asset sale in a statement to the Commons, insisted the fate of the airport was a matter for its owners.
They've integrated Willamette; paid down nearly $6 billion of debt since 2002; continue to generate very strong free cash flow; made the difficult decisions needed to close capacity and sell assets in businesses that do not generate adequate returns; and recently increased their dividend and announced a share buyback plan.
678(a)(1) and (2), for the client to be treated as the grantor for grantor trust purposes (and, hence, able to sell assets tax free to the TPT), he or she must have held a withdrawal power and continue to have a grantor trust power after such withdrawal power has lapsed.