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Money then being established as the necessary medium of exchange, another species of money-getting spon took place, namely, by buying and selling, at probably first in a simple manner, afterwards with more skill and experience, where and how the greatest profits might be made.
So it was that he entered abruptly upon a lean period, wherein he continued selling his earlier efforts to publications that would not pay and submitting his later work to magazines that would not buy.
Is not `retailer' the term which is applied to those who sit in the market-place engaged in buying and selling, while those who wander from one city to another are called merchants?
Clients selling real estate desire in many cases to pay no tax by structuring their sale as an Internal Revenue Code Sec.
But if drafted improperly, these contracts can cause problems for both buying and selling parties.
All too often, investors act on their gut reaction to bad news reports about a company and end up selling a stock prematurely, sometimes taking an unnecessary loss.
Part I of this two-part article describes the primary forms and common objectives of buy-sell agreements; it also discusses how the agreements operate, including how they are activated, priced and funded and how they affect the selling shareholder's taxes.
Travel agents, faced with dwindling commission rates on ticket sales and declining use of their services, have turned to selling travel insurance to make a profit.
4375 in late November and selling it two weeks later at $214.
We said we would sell and we are selling," claimed David Rosenberg, a partner with Marcus Borg Rosenberg & Diamond, who represents the sponsor.
Each book includes a CD-ROM disk that contains free tools, templates, and letters for salespeople, as well as a free trial copy of Solution Selling Software, which reinforces the ideas set forth in the workbook.
Among its many provisions, the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 reduces the tax costs of selling a business.