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As for the euro, the selling prices ranged between EGP 8.
1 million in six months due primarily to selling price increases and higher volume sales to most of the group's retail customers.
Thus, reductions in the numerator of the cost-complement ratio and reductions in the retail selling price of ending inventory both have the effect of reducing the value of ending inventory.
But in 43 community areas, the average selling price decreased by an average of 17.
Steel maker Corus posted a 37% fall in profits today after it was hit by lower selling prices and soaring raw material and energy costs.
The 2004 statewide median selling price of $232,000 represents a 16.
LCD monitor average selling prices (ASPs) will consistently decline over next few years
The selling price of a house has even increased despite a turbulent year for the world's economy, he adds.
The new IASC standard says the recoverable amount is the higher of the net selling price or the value in use.
Many foundries simply take the cost of the casting and mark it up a certain percent to arrive at its selling price, evaluating each part's price by the highest percent markup.
Estimation of the selling price Manufacturing cost breakdown Estimation of the Selling Price
f 15th August'14 when selling price was reduced by Rs 1.