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And he remembered his money, his shop, his house, the buying and selling, and Mironov's millions, and it was hard for him to understand why that man, called Vasili Brekhunov, had troubled himself with all those things with which he had been troubled.
If I were to ride fifteen leagues in these clothes, they would never be fit to put on again; and, instead of selling them for thirty pistoles, I should be obliged to take fifteen.
I've heard him tell of selling three Market street lots in San Francisco for fifty dollars each.
was selling sociological articles to "Cosmopolitan" and "McClure's," had declined an associate editorship proffered me by telegraph from New York City, and was getting ready to marry.
It was curious to see newsboys selling papers in so dreamy a land as that.
She told me that in her village at home there was an old beggar woman who went about selling herbs and roots she had dug up in the forest.