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Figure 1 (title page, top) shows a close-up of the undyed selvedge with its characteristic saw-tooth effect, created by the whip-stitching.
Loepfe offers the new digital thermal cutting control unit WeftMaster CUT-iT to ensure constant high-quality selvedges. The digital control unit has various innovative features, which ensure top quality output in the weaving mill.
The front and back have selvedge stitches on each side that would be used for seaming.
And Margaret Lambert, an ex-colleague at the University of Huddersfield, tailored it, exposing the 'Made in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, by C&J Antich and Sons' selvedge into a beautifully understated elegant ensemble.
The collection includes fur denim jackets, selvedge denim jeans, knit's, embroidered hoodies, denim shirts, scarfs, original Clark & Timms designed tees, three new blends of coffee, coffee mugs and a host of new accessories.
At the end of the stentering zone a selvedge cutting device is installed.
- The rolling head is actuated with the help of photo-cells that help control the selvedge alignment during the rolling process.
3Rd Revision In The Width Of 140 Cms Minimum Excluding Selvedges Veriety No.1 Manufacturer S Name / Trade Mark Should Be Woven On The Selvedge.
A uniform liquor application over the fabric width, as well as a selective liquor application to the selvedge - center - selvedge zone can be easily set, reproduced and program controlled if required.
Instructions/Remarks: I Tenderer Should Declare Details Of Marking With Brand Name Plus Textile Mill While Submitting The Offer And The Same Marking Is To Be Made At Appropriate Place Along The Selvedge After Every Meter Of Length With Indelible Ink Which Should Not Be Washed Away.
The Electronic Selvedge System (ELSY) full leno selvedge motions are electrically driven by individual stepper motors.