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That is, the semantic transparency rating for the first constituent was not a direct function of the similarity between the constituent and the compound (as measured by LSA).
It seems like the library technology arena has been on the verge of a breakthrough into the realm of the semantic web for the past 5 years or more.
Are there obvious semantic impairments that have not been picked up before?
from 83 ms onwards), there is clear evidence of both significant semantic priming in the absence of association and associative priming between semantically dissimilar word pairs.
In Section 2, we first describe a motivational authoring scenario that relies on the use of services that are enabled by semantic web and social networking technologies.
The semantic web reaches maturity using ontologies to guide the semantic markup and decreases the gap of understanding between the machine and humans.
However, in order for this to alleviate the limitations of the traditional search engines, we propose one based on semantic information.
The report, entitled "Semantic Technologies: Landscape of High Value Applications for the Enterprise", cited in addition to Pragmatech's semantic engine some of the largest software companies and leading research labs in the world.
The main method of the study was to investigate a semantic-syntactic dependency in a sentence between a verb Vbl and its object Obl, proceeding from the semantic dependency between a semantically close verb Vb2 and its object Ob2.
Berners-Lee predicted that the semantic web, otherwise called Web 3.
First, I never meant to say that one should exclude undesirable effects from a semantic map, but rather conflicting factors--I thought the paper was quite explicit in that (see e.
To begin with, Semantic Search's coverage has now been greatly increased to include not only the US, but also China, Japan, Europe, WIPO, and Korea.

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