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Perhaps even more impressively, Semantic Search's machine learning capabilities have been expanded and upgraded.
PoolParty Semantic Suite as the Cornerstone of Cognitive Applications
Previous research has indicated that semantic transparency influences the ease with which compound words can be processed.
It seems like the library technology arena has been on the verge of a breakthrough into the realm of the semantic web for the past 5 years or more.
Are there obvious semantic impairments that have not been picked up before?
from 83 ms onwards), there is clear evidence of both significant semantic priming in the absence of association and associative priming between semantically dissimilar word pairs.
In Section 2, we first describe a motivational authoring scenario that relies on the use of services that are enabled by semantic web and social networking technologies.
The semantic web reaches maturity using ontologies to guide the semantic markup and decreases the gap of understanding between the machine and humans.
This is due to the limitations of both phases, which are based on syntactic matching, rather than semantic.
Although a very recent player in semantic technology (with just little over a year), Pragmatech's recently released beta version of its semantic engine, ctrl, was the only technology coming out of the Middle East that was listed in the reputable Multi-Client Study of the Gilbane Group.
Firstly, the papers from this special issue describe the studies pertaining to the main branches of semantic informational technologies and, as a consequence, give a rather good initial look at the current state of this field.
Berners-Lee predicted that the semantic web, otherwise called Web 3.

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