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That does not mean, however, that Chopin himself perceived this work in such a semantically unequivocal way.
Hochschild argues against Ashworth and Gilson that Cajetan's commitments to compositionality and a conceptualist rather than usage-based analysis of signification did not confuse Cajetan's attempt to semantically analyze analogy.
Since the entities (software agents, web services) presented in our scenario are loosely coupled, the aim is to semantically discover each other.
Having the technology for the efficient integration of information resources and the technology for semantically annotate these data, a step to transform the data into knowledge becomes possible.
In this screenshot, an article abstract from PubMed appears in the upper portion of the Web browser, and the semantically rich annotation being made by a user in the bottom portion of the browser.
In my opinion, this word-for-word rendering, so greatly beneficial for novice readers of Greek, warrants more attention both semantically and stylistically.
The paper then reports on the word fragment completion experiment conducted with a group of forty native speakers of Polish, who were asked to complete fragmented Polish compound words preceded by primes semantically related to either the meaning of the whole compound or to its initial and final stem.
I can assure him that the form of the name as it appears on the signs is quite correct and that it has no connection (except semantically perhaps) with the Welsh name for the Emerald Isle.
The poems are best grasped as runes or glyphs whose condensed syntax, sly hints at meaning, and nuances of such sentiments as isolation and eroticism combine to offer us a "unit" or "element" of art to be assimilated rather than explicated semantically.
The use of these two classes of word relationship, together with semantically related pairs such as sana-odio 'anger'-'hate', permits the study of the time course of morphological, orthographic, and semantic priming at 32, 64, and 250 ms.
Write emulators in a single, standardized language that is well formalized and semantically rigorous.
Therefore, it's gotta be either "revolver and automatic" or "rotator and semiautomatic" to be semantically correct.

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