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The article will show that through the application of what general semanticists refer to as "extensional devices," listening can become a less abstract and more manageable skill set, which will allow us to perform better the basic operations that fall under the abstract heading of "listening.
The point is that language is magic, as the semanticists have acknowledged all along.
Irony might serve a purpose for General Semanticists in reframing debates in much the same way that ETC reminds us that there is more to the immigration issue than current law.
She explains that cognitive linguistics allow semanticists to discuss illocution as the result of performing cognitive operations supporting inferential schemas that apply to cognitive models of a situational kind.
Then, the essay uses the failure of this argument to motivate some more general reflections on how the standard treatment of "ought" by theoretical semanticists might be refined in the light of the distinction important to ethical theory between agential and nonagential ought-statements, and on how ethical theory might benefit from more careful study of the dominant treatment of modals as operators in theoretical semantics.
In the same way general semanticists propose that human beings do away with social problems through the harnessing of language, Herbert suggests that humans can quash personal anxieties of the voice through careful attention and training of the body.
And fourth, by the time we started referring to ourselves as generative semanticists, we had been forced to recognize the existence of a schism between us and our original mentor, Noam Chomsky.
Metaphor, to earlier semanticists, was important because it enabled speakers to express ideas and meanings that were difficult, if not impossible, to express in literal speech.
Divorcing the study of descriptive meaning from pragmatics may or may not be justified theoretically (most contemporary semanticists acknowledge that any analysis of descriptive meaning presupposes, at the very least, indexical resolution); but it has obvious didactic disadvantages.

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